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Submission + - Coffee spill diverts United Airlines flight ( 1

PolygamousRanchKid writes: A United Airlines flight from Chicago to Frankfurt, Germany, was diverted to Toronto this week after the pilot dumped a cup of coffee on the plane's communication's equipment. The unwanted liquid triggered a series of emergency codes, including one for a hijacking, according to Transport Canada, the agency that regulates transportation in Canada.
It's funny.  Laugh.

Submission + - Rotten office fridge cleanup sends 7 to hospital (

bokske writes: "An office worker cleaning a fridge full of rotten food created a smell so noxious that it sent seven co-workers to the hospital and made many others ill. Firefighters had to evacuate the AT&T building in downtown San Jose on Tuesday, after the flagrant fumes prompted someone to call 911. A hazmat team was called in. Just another day at the office"
United States

Submission + - DHS vs GLP Forum "Terrorists"

st1d writes: "Just thought I'd bring this to your attention. A little morbid humor apparently touched a nerve. A group of random people watching the market tumble made DHS's watchlist. Apparently jokes and random stock market predictions are now a threat to national security. The forum: The relevant article: Thanks for taking the time to check this out."
The Almighty Buck

Submission + - Non-PayPal users are like heroin junkies: eBay (

KrispyFees writes: "Allowing eBay users to pay with any method other than PayPal would be like allowing them to buy heroin, said eBay's Australian chief in a disastrous public meeting today. The meeting was held in Melbourne, Australia (the first of several around the country) to explain why eBay must ban all payment methods except PayPal. Members of the public hurled abuse at the eBay management team during the meeting, with the crowd unanimously opposed to eBay's new restrictions. eBay has denied that the move is designed to raise more revenue through PayPal fees, arguing it is to provide better safety in online transactions, however, the global company has admitted it is looking at introducing the same restrictions around the world."

Submission + - Scientists create sneezing mice

g253 writes: In the latest episode of "Hey guys, check out this new kind of mouse I've created!", british scientists have now developed a mouse able to catch the common cold just like humans.

From the article : "Until now the rhinovirus infection was thought to only be able to infect humans and chimpanzees, hampering research efforts."

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