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Comment Re:I returned Return to Zork in one day (Score 1) 204

The secret, which isn't a secret at all, is that balanced gameplay is the true Sangreal of gaming. Pitting a newbie against a grizzled Korean veteran in Starcraft isn't going to give anyone a challenge or make them feel like they want to come back to the game again. It's only when the players are evenly matched or only slightly mismatched that gameplay becomes exciting.

Thats exactly whats wrong with a lot games today. games that a made so that even if you are grizzly korean with a lot of skill and experience, you're still on the same level casual player that doesnt care. by heavily crippling the players or making thier actual actions or less relevant, but they are both crippled equally, so its fun?

Harder games make you improve, understand the game better, actually overcome obstacles. Remember that boss or level you thought you'd never ever beat, but finally got it, and now it seems easy?

Difficult to master video games make you learn a skill. Making it more difficult makes you have to improve more to master it, thats where the real fun comes in. Getting so close, almost being able to beat that guy not knowing how the next battles gonna go makes is what makes it thrilling.

Easy games just don't challenge you, don't really engage you. Theres no reward or payoff if you don't overcome anything.

Comment Re:Really? (Score 1) 583

is there really any benefit to not running as root?

yes from your same post

desktop applications still prompt regardless of that setting.

when you run as root not only can do you anything to your system, so can any application that you run. any malicious program can do anything to your computer it wants when you aren't running as root, it has to ask your permission first

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