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Comment Re:back in my day (Score 0) 785

Amen, these are the same jackasses that say "what do you need a gun for? why do you need a gun that holds so many bullets? Why do you need a semi auto? Why do you think you need to carry a gun?". Because we live in a world with bad people, believing anything else is the naive immature view of a child that grows up believing his or her parents will protect them and then transfers that believe onto the government. When the shit hits the fan the government will be the first to run and hide.

Comment Re:No No No! (Score 1) 152

While I agree with your argument that the people you influence go on to pay more money in taxes... the amount of taxes a person will pay, or the financial amount they will contribute to "society" should NOT be used as any sort of rational.

A persons humanity is more than the sum of tax contributions.

Comment Re:Very cool, but... (Score 5, Insightful) 152

Try taking ethics. If we followed your slippery slope logic we'd start killing people when they hit retirement age. After all, they'll never again go back to work and 'pay back' their value after they start collecting social security. Same for the mentally retarded, just drown them right?

"Realistically we need to start realizing that not every person DESERVES the best treatment". And who decides that?

New procedures are always expensive, do you think the first x-ray machines were worth the cost to say "yup, you got a broken leg son". Now they are standard practice.

"so costly that society can never regain that investment". Public education is costly, if a kid isn't learning and behaving by second grade should society perform a retroactive abortion? After all without an education they'll just be a burden on society, and its not worth paying for the education if they aren't being productive, why not save the money for the other years of school?

Did you have a 4.0 GPA in school? what about college? How much are you contributing to society now? I'm not so sure I am getting back my investment in you. Most of the education system in the world are funded by tax dollars.

What about no child left behind? Why don't we get real efficient and just let them starve? They'll never pay enough in taxes to 'regain investment'.

Comment Re:What would happen... (Score 1) 210

We have a lot more destroyers than carriers, I imagine the destroyers could swap in and out when supply/reinforcement vessels come and leave the group. The most important thing in a long occupation/war/fight/etc is logistics, keeping all those $500,000 toilet seats in stock. How long do you think the carrier group would be effective if they were all standing in line to use ONE toilet? huh huh? It would be a crappy time.

In all seriousness logistics, supplies.. very important, destroys can escort them in and out.

Comment Re:Afro-American Racism Against Whites and Asians (Score 1) 413

So you are saying that poor people shouldn't use their vote to take from them rich and give to the poor?

Next time you go out to eat, call a vote that the richest person in the place picks up the bill for everyone, I'll bet majority wins.

It isn't governments job to "pull them out of their bad position" its their own individual job. There are no laws stating "minorities are not allowed to be paid more than 90% of the non-minority employees".

Oh yea, and these terms suck. "minorities" make up the majority. Its a BS term for people to group together around some idea they can claim they were treated unjustly for. I'm not saying there has been unjustice, but this is 2009 not 1950. Asians make more on average than whites, shouldn't whites get special treatment now? BS.

Comment Re:About an Autobahn lane projector ? (Score 1) 856

"Of course the whole argument is flawed to its core, because it's the law which says"

The law used to say blacks and women were not allowed to vote, I'm glad those arguments were flawed as well according to your logic.

All these gay people should stop raising a fit, after all their argument that they should be allowed to marry is flawed because the law which says...

Comment Re:About an Autobahn lane projector ? (Score 1) 856

I have yet to meet someone in the united states who worked and couldn't afford a car. In fact our welfare system usually provides enough to have a vehicle. It will be a used vehicle, and it may smell bad, but it is a vehicle. You can afford $200 for a bike but not $800 for a cheap used car?

"rich"? what country do you live in where only the rich have cars? My dad pumped gas for a living when I was a kid and we still had a car. If you live close enough that you can ride a bike you can probably afford gas if you try, maybe stop worrying about your food being 'organic' and buy the cheap stuff.

Yea its good exercise so are treadmills, but I don't make a bunch of people late for work because I use a treadmill.

Good for the environment? Don't tell me you believe in that global warming/climate change/end of the world BS. Let me guess, you thought the world was going to end on the year Y2K right?

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