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Submission + - America Runs out of Internet Addresses (

FireFury03 writes: The BBC is reporting that the American Registry for Internet Numbers (ARIN) ran out of spare IP addresses yesterday. "Companies in North America should now accelerate their move to the latest version of the net's addressing system. Now Africa is the only region with any significant blocks of the older version 4 internet addresses available." A British networking company that supplies schools has done an analysis on how concerned IT managers should be. This comes almost exactly 3 years after Europe ran out.

Submission + - New rules for government departments' compliance with open standards (

FireFury03 writes: "Effective immediately, all British government departments are to comply with a set of Open Standards Principles (OSPs) when procuring for IT contracts. This follows a public consultation in which around 70% of respondents said they believed it would improve innovation, choice and value for money. Government sources say that although some suppliers have expressed reluctance to move towards OSPs, very few were able to articulate why they wouldn’t be beneficial.

Hopefully this will lead to fewer monolithic multi-million pound IT contracts going to the same old big businesses time after time, and more opportunity for small businesses to participate. Carving up a project and handing it to small businesses is likely very beneficial — less risk since the risk is spread amongst many suppliers, cheaper since there is more competition so less chance to overcharge like the big contractors currently do, and supporting small local businesses also helps the economy."


Submission + - The 4400 Canceled After Long Season Break

An anonymous reader writes: The 4400 was canceled this week by the USA Network, another in a long line of NBC affiliated sci-fi series to get the axe. While never able to find the audience that Heroes, and for a time, Battlestar Gallactica found, The 4400 managed to bring four seasons to air under increasingly tiny budgets. No reason was given for the cancellation at this time.

Submission + - Google sings AIM's praises, still won't Talk to MS (

Venotar writes: There's been much talk of IM interoperability over the years. The IM Federation's long been a self-proclaimed promoter of XMPP, many prognosticators have promised that google's jabber service would spell the end of non-interoperability, Yahoo IM's long had an interoperability deal with Microsoft that's actually no longer vaporware, and now Google's announced that their long discussed deal with AOL has (finally) bridged the gap between AIM and GTalk (without the use of cheesy client side plugins or buggy third party XMPP agents). Now that Google can Talk to Oscar, is ICQ far behind? And does it really matter: is this really a sign that the walls are breaking down between IM services, or is this just one more front in the not-so-cold war between Google and Microsoft?

Feed Engadget: Microsoft, NASA team up on 3D photo shoot of Endeavour (

Filed under: Digital Cameras, Transportation

As NASA awaits the newly rescheduled launch of its latest mission, Microsoft has been busy creating a "3D montage" of the space shuttle Endeavour. According to the team, this venture will enable individuals around the globe to "view 3D images of Endeavour and surrounding buildings at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida before it launches into space." The environments are being constructed using hundreds of snapshots and an imaging technology dubbed Photosynth, which stitches together 2D digital images to give a three-dimensional view "that can be navigated and explored in a highly intuitive manner." This go 'round, it seems that the goal was simply to provide a wow-factor to remote onlookers, but both entities are reportedly "looking into ways of using this new technology to support future missions." Check out the results here.

[Via PCWorld]

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