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Comment One stands out (Score 1) 274

Of all these options, the least adversarial would be Bridge. Why can't we all get along? Although in the end, Bridge has winners and losers, the game really is more just something to do with your hands while you spend quality time with friends. Sure, the other games achieve that in the same way, to differing degrees, but I find Bridge, 500, and similar games stick out more. Hearts is a nice runner up, though.

Comment Re:uses? (Score 3, Informative) 97

Yes, Wine really is coming along nicely. It's been a very long hard fight, but an amazing range of things work, and it's just going to keep getting better.

Note that Wine has a sponsor - CodeWeavers - and we have collectively dumped at least $20 Million on Wine through the years. Wine is hard.

We do all of that that $59.95 at a time, with the support of people who understand what we do and who choose to support us. I think this is amazing and powerful and wonderful, and I am deeply grateful to everyone who does support us.

I just wish more people knew the details and understood why PlayOnLinux and stock Wine work so well these days. My ducky demise will not be in vain if just one more person discovers CrossOver goodness :-).


Comment Re:Thinkpads have their OWN style. (Score 1) 278

Sounds like all the Thinkpads and most of the Apple lappies I've had over the years. The stickers are a bit different...mostly either political, Anime/Manga or F/OSS related. But yeah, not a business look, more "geek in the house" look. My new Lenovo Ideapad is still virgin...for now. But it will look like "Ms. Geek's current lappie" soon enough. X60T was a really nice machine.

Comment Re:Hmnnn (Score 3, Funny) 1065

Hewlett-Packard makes ammunition? I thought they only made cheap printer ink and sold it in expensive half filled cartridges.

I wouldn't buy ammunition from HP though, it wouldn't work with your gun unless you bought a special chip, and then while the clip looks like it's full, the gun will tell you it's empty half way through so you have to go buy more ammo.

Comment Re:He REALLY pissed off governments.... (Score 1) 1065

Ohh, how do you plan to do this AC? Really? Start another website?

Have you got any actual *implementable* ideas?

Or are you eating Cheetos in your mothers basement?

Serious question. What *do* you plan to do?

Propagating ideas is important too. It's not as important as action, yes, but what Assange has done will be meaningless unless his message of openness doesn't spread through voting society.

If 51% of voters support Assange, who cares if they do it eating cheetos? You think the US is worried about one man? They're worried about his message. And it's too late to stop that. The best they can do is distract people from the leaks by punishing Assange and making sure it's this embassy bollocks in the media instead of the contents of those cables.

Comment Re:Is that so? (Score 1) 87

But we do thank him for the NBN (even if it might mean we will soon have a national debt to rival greece to pay for it).

Wow, get your facts straight.

The NBN is already paid for with government bonds, which will return 4% to investors, however, the NBN itself will make 7% ROI, which means Australian government will pocket 3% from the exercise. Which will probably be spent on even more infrastructure. Which is a lot better than Telstra did, I think all the money they ever made went straight to Sol Trujillo's retirement fund. How on earth can you describe 3% profit as sending Australia into debt?

Please Mr Abbot, stop mucking around on Slashdot and go develop a real policy alternative instead of just spreading FUD and automatically gainsaying whatever the ALP comes up with.

Comment Re:Also, he's the producer of the new Cosmos serie (Score 1) 135

From Hollywood Reporter:

“Never more than at this moment in the modern era have we needed a profound reminder of the colossally important and exciting role that science, space exploration and the human quest for knowledge must continue to play in our development as a species,” said MacFarlane.

Quite a serious side to the man. Clearly, menstruation and holocaust jokes are just his day job.

Clearly McFarlane is just a bizarro human, opposite to all normal guys, who work really boring jobs in science, engineering etc, and are only free to make menstruation and holocaust jokes in their spare time.

Comment Re:Block or ignore IE7 perhaps? (Score 1) 365

But charging a tax? That's just bullshit.

It's not really a tax, it's a surcharge. And it's not BS, it's a reasonably clever publicity campaign. It's selfish, but the overall intention is good, to encourage people to move away from IE7. Nobody can say it's not good to encourage that.

Obviously you can just avoid the surcharge by, as the webpage suggests, following a link and getting Mozilla or Chrome.

Kogan didn't have to do anything at all, he had a lot of options, he chose this one as a way to stir up discussion, highlight to consumers that IE7 adds unnecessary development costs, and encourage people to switch to a better browser.

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