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Comment Re:Paid placement (Score 2, Informative) 172

For a while AltaVista was for sure the most relevant search engine. Like all the others, they evolved by chasing the easiest dollar. Front page ads, paid for results, etc. Small minded stuff.

Google on the other hand took the long view, they kept the front page clean, kept the search results pure, and kept the advertising in check.

Comment Re:They're called trees. (Score 1) 128

Chop down two trees, burn one to heat the other in low oxigen, this is a carbon neutral activity. Now take that biochar and bury it deep in the earth, or use it to condition the soil.

Plant two trees and let them soak up carbon.

I don't see any thermodynamic paradox there.

You could just bury trees, but I think the idea is the charcoal doesn't degrade back to carbon dioxide as quickly.

Comment Re:They're called trees. (Score 1) 128

I think you would fire the furnace with a carbon neutral source, like wood. I think you would fire it with the very vegetation that you are carbonizing. I think they just restrict the amount of air they let in to the chamber.

Also I believe the proposed solution is to apply the char to soil to condition it.

I did a quick google of "pyrolysis carbon sequestration" and then "biochar"

I would say that most of the carbon sequestration ideas I have heard of sound much more crazy than pyrolysis of vegetation.

Personally, I would never support carbon sequestration anyway. I would say I am against purposeful human intervention of climate. If we have messed things up so far by accident or out of ignorance, imagine how bad things will be when we mess with climate for politics.

Comment Re:Thoughts about (Score 1) 187

Earlier this year I met a highly trustworthy source (a corporate executive) who confirmed PJ's participation in a certain (patent-related) meeting years ago.

And just the other day a friend who I made up (a very trustworthy fellow), happened to metion that you sleep with silver slippers on your feet.

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