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Comment Re:As an EE and amateur aircraft manufacturer (Score 1) 202

The problem is with the batteries becoming over-charged or over-discharged causing metallic lithium and oxygen bubbles to form. They react together and cause a fire. Either it's an issue with the protection circuitry failing to shut down the batteries when they are at max/min change (possibly an EE issue) or it's an issue with the batteries themselves not charging correctly such as reporting a false voltage and continuing to change or discharge (manufacturer issue). The latter is more likely since lipo protection circuitry is so common now they don't really need to reinvent the wheel, but trying to add an extra 1000 or so mAh to a battery could definitely cause a problem.

Submission + - Canadian Tire staff 'falsely imprisoned' but didn't threaten Steve Mann (metronews.ca)

FilmedInNoir writes: Steve Mann, a pioneer in wearable computer technology, has been on SlashDot before with stories of being attacked in a Paris McDonald's and nearly being killed by airport security. Today a judge ruled against his latest lawsuit concerning an incident at a Canadian Tire store where he dealt with store security in a Jason Bourne fantasy world of his own creating.

Comment I have 4 PCs already (Score 1) 314

I'm running out of space.and use for them. I have a ARM based board I hacked into an internet radio player.
A Raspberry PI in a retro-arcade setup. A 5? year old i7 running Win7 (Why upgrade the CPU? It's the graphics card doing all the work in my rig),
Also I have a cheapo tablet I use for watching Youtube while enjoying a bubble bath.
There's just no point in buying any more or upgrading an entire computer at this point.

Comment Re:We're All Dicks (Score 1) 266

Depends, if there were thousands, maybe even millions of Steve Jobs out there being dicks would they all obtain the same level of success as the original?
Is there a maximum dick level or does it just continue on until it reaches super villainy levels like in Kingsman?
Also wasn't it his dickness that ultimately killed him? Instead of seeing a regular doctor he decided that following the rantings of a witch doctor were a better course of action for his cancer treatment.
I'm not sure I want to see this social experiment carried out.

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