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Media (Apple)

Submission + - Apple Finally Opens iTunes Plus, iTunes U

jwisser writes: "Apple has finally started selling higher-quality, DRM-less music in a new service called iTunes Plus. The selection is currently limited, but as more small labels sign up for the service, the offerings will hopefully increase. iTunes has also opened iTunes U to the general public, enabling everyone running iTunes to download lectures from schools like Stanford and Berkeley. iTunes Plus requires the new iTunes 7.2 to use. Non-iTunes links to Apple's press releases are here (iTunes Plus) and here (iTunes U)."

Submission + - DS Wi-Fi Service Tops 5 Million

Anonymous Coward writes: "Nintendo has revealed that over 5 million users have now connected to the Nintendo DS Wi-Fi service since it's launch in November 2005. The company stated that over 200 million gaming sessions have been logged across more than 60 DS titles, where gamers are able to connect to the internet for wireless play. Commenting on this development, Nintendo of America president, Reggie Fils-Aime, stated, "Nintendo DS gamers globally use Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection as an easy, fun place to find fellow players, all without paying anything extra for the service.""

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