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Comment Re:seriously..? (Score 1) 542

Not sure, but at least I know that the carbon footprint of being dead is pretty low. Carbon foot-printing things has its missions to put certain things in perspective. Its about time science entered politics instead of having politicans do more or less educated guessworks. But we need a more extensive foot-printing, not just carbon. Environment-footprinting of some sort, calculating how much we pollute and how long it takes for nature to break the pollution down. Maybe measured in how many species it kills off?

Comment Alternatives? (Score 4, Interesting) 434

Could anyone post a list of alternative modern programming languages that equally handles parallelism as well, that are still being actively developed, and their pros and cons compared to Google Go? I'm interested in learning one of these, I just can't find any easy overview anywhere (all mentioned in wikipedia are pretty old so lots must be missing...). Surely Haskell isn't the latest such project, there must be lots of others just around corner?

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