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Comment The STL is dramatically better now (Score 2) 435

I have been working with C++ (as well as Java, C# and other languages) for several projects over the past 13 years. Since C++ is still the main language for the projects I'm paid to work on, I find the improvements to the STL useful every day in avoiding doing custom things. We used to have our own class similar to std::shared_ptr and std::unique_ptr, which we have since replaced with the standard. With std::bind() we have reduced the complexity of many of our functions. As another commenter said, the lambda functions are great. I'm not sure why there is so much hate for C++. Having worked with both C# and Java on several projects, I still think our C++ projects have the cleanest code and have the best performance before tweaking. I am one of the few developers that bounces back and forth between languages so I don't think it is a case of C++ people trying to write C# or Java, the people writing C# and Java are developers who write those only.

Comment RIM is clearly targeting business (Score 1) 165

It seems to me the ranter doesn't get that RIM doesn't care about having a mass of junk apps which are usually the result of have a low bar for entry into the app store. Not to say their app store for their phones is amazing (I own a BB Torch that I do love), but RIM is mostly targeting big business and government where when they need an app that's not already part of the system, they want something that works well (well enough if we are talking government) and are willing to pay a significant amount.

Also complaining about all the forms ignores that RIM has to deal with a bunch of export controls because of the encryption algorithms used in their software. While I'm not 100% sure, I do believe that they are required by law to have you put in all of your information for each download. Which is why they ask for all of your information every time you download a new OS image for their phones as well.

I do hope however that they make their development process a bit more streamlined, but I won't be sad if I don't end up seeing 1000 tetris clones or hundreds of other mindless games.

I am still holding off on a tablet purchase until I see the PlayBook alongside the upcoming Android tablet. I've already decided against the iPad after having used my friends' iPads.

Comment What I use at work (Score 1) 200

My project has a team of about 40 people including people who develop and write our requirements, developers, integration testers, quality assurance testers, and various managers.
We use DOORS for formal documentation including requirements, high level design documents, and manuals. We use Visio to make UML diagrams for detailed design. We use ProcessMax to track defects in code (found by the integration test team or the QA test team), problems requirements, problems with other formal documentation, and to track the results of code peer reviews.

I've been using these tools for about 8 years now and so far they seem to work well for our team. Other teams in our division also use these tools. The only negative is that if I had my way we would use a better tool to generate UML.Our management doesn't see the need for that since the UML usually never leaves the development team and is not included in the formal documentation package we give to QA.

Good luck in finding a solution for your needs!


Submission + - Apple sued for use of tabs in Mac OS X 10.4

rizzo320 writes: "AppleInsider is reporting that "An Illinois-based company and its Nevada partner have filed a lawsuit against Apple Inc., alleging that Mac OS X 10.4 "Tiger" treads on an interface patent that affects the operating system's nearly universal use of tabs." The patent in question is 5072412, which was originally issued to Xerox in 1987, but now seems to be owned or licensed to IP Innovation LLC and its parent Technology Licensing Corporation. "Category dividers triggered by Spotlight searches, as well as page tabs in the Safari web browser, bear the closest similarity to the now 20-year-old description." of the patent. IP Innovation is requesting damages in excess of $20 Million, and in addition, an injunction against future sales and distribution of Mac OS X 10.4. Software patent reform can't come soon enough!"

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