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Comment Re:Revisionist History (Score 1) 770

Oh, I'll grant you that, certainly- an OS that requires a greater knowledge than that possessed by your average computer-savvy individual in order to properly configure is not *good* by any definition. Myself, having had to deploy it in a business setting (Bitlocker for laptops was the major reason), I was able to provide a satisfying experience to the users, but that's because I'd been playing with it for a year before it was made available to the general public. I may be a Vista fan, but I'm not a Vista fool ;).

Comment Re:Vodka (Score 1) 770

They are also skillfully playing the psychology of all the Windows fanboys who know deep down in their heart that they don't really like Vista, and Windows 7 is really just a slightly updated Vista, but are desperate to not be embarrassed about Windows anymore, so you KNOW they are gonna say its the greatest thing ever even if it really isn't.

Not to get my hackles up (or yours for that matter), but any Windows 'Fanboy' knew how to straighten out a Vista installation a long, long time ago and has no incentive to praise 7 just to get over Vista embarassment. That said, if you are running Vista and are happy with it Windows 7 only offers a single advantage in expanded 64 bit support. Beyond that there is no real reason to make the switch. The real target are the XP holdouts (mentioned here ad nauseum so we won't bother going there now other than to say with 64 bit becoming more and more a reality in the desktop space XP has a very limited lifespan remaining.

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