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Comment One PC to Rule All (my stuff) (Score 1) 325

My computer sits in the original CoolerMaster Stacker case with the side cover off, in a 3x5 cabinet built into the attic of my 1/2 story second floor. 8" window fans (one now broken) ventilate it from the attic side on days when heat becomes an issue. The internals are a Skylake 6500K, 16 GB RAM, an EVGA 1080 FTW, a 512GB Samsung 950 Pro M.2 boot drive, a Samsung 850 EVO 512 GB SATA, and a Soundblaster Z. It runs Windows 10 Pro and occasionally other guest OSes to play with. I am looking forward to dinking around with Ubuntu desktop on it, but not enough to install the fast ring. I browse on Firefox with ABP, Media Player Classic for media, PDF X-change for PDFs, Office 2007 with macros etc disabled (only because my wife owns a Home and Student copy and I almost exclusively work with only basic files of my own creation, otherwise it would be Libre Office) Search Everything because I can't be arsed to do chores while waiting for searches. This feeds to my sit/stand/treadmill desk which I made out of a DIY Uplift motorized base and a recycled interior door as the table top, with leftover laminate flooring as the top surface. On the desk are an Acer XB270HU IPS 1440p G-Sync 27"' monitor as primary, and, for now, a BenQ XL2410TX in portrait mode. It was previously my main monitor and replaced a SOYO Topaz S that exhibited ever more frequent image corruption. I use a CM Storm Quickfire Rapid tenkeyless keyboard, a $15 gaming mouse that tracks exactly as I expect, and an Oculus Rift with a Razer Hydra that I bought years and years ago on Woot for around $80. Also, no money to buy VR games because I blew this year's discretionary funds on this system.

Comment Re:BT (Score 2) 69

The reason it is possible to spoof caller id is so that you can receive return calls to an incoming number when the outgoing is not that same number. I use it in my case because I have a Google Voice number, which has been my number, originally a landline, since the late 90s. I never have to tell friends what my new number is each time I change phone companies. With spoofing, they see that Google Voice number as the source of the call, and correctly call back "my" number instead of the number du jour.

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