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Comment Re:Why "I" shouldn't trust Geek Squad? (Score 2) 389

When you need a plumber, you call a plumber. And you are there to greet him, and watch him work, ask questions about what he's doing, and pay attention to what he's doing so your bill doesnt show that he replaced your water heater when in fact he changed a couple of sink knobs.

Also, when you need a plumber you dont call the homeless that hangs out downtown who likes to smack copper pipes together to make "music". Doing so would be comparable to calling Geek Squad when you need a computer technician.

Comment Re:Hypocrisy? (Score 1) 732

And the Russians (allegedly) promoting one Presidential candidate over another doesnt equate to hostility toward the US. (Other actions do, but that's a different conversation.) Insulting and using taxpayer dollars to oppose Netanyahu no more suggests opposition to Israel writ large than does giving praise and aid to dissidents of Iran show support for Khamenei. ( An admittedly bad analogy, because Netanyahu is nothing like the nutjob Khamenei.)

Obama has openly snubbed Netanyahu on multiple occasions; waiting years to have a face to face dialogue, having Netanyahu use the same entrance to the White House that's used by service staff, and countless other examples.

Comment Re:"Democracy" (Score 2) 303

Again, because extremes are always the logical and rational approach?

Apply your extremist position to a guy who owns one auto repair shop. Or the family that owns a grocery store. Or a woman who makes exceptional lampwork beads, but can only sell them for X% over her cost to make because that's what's dictated by a government bureaucrat.

Comment Re:But... But... (Score 3, Informative) 154

There's too much news these days to read more than first sentences (unless it's very interesting), and this is worse when you see the same news over and over across your sources of choice.

Translation : "I'm too fucking lazy to become educated, but I'm perfectly willing to spout off about shit I am cluelss on."

Comment Re:"Democracy" (Score 2) 303

Because extremes are always the logical and rational argument... By extension of your argument every business should be entirely government run with regulated pricing, and regulated salaries to its employees. Otherwise a business might charge people more for a product than its "worth" and an employee might be paid less than another regardless of their poor performance.

Comment Re:Minority hobby? (Score 1) 76

And all that is different than Facebook, how exactly? The only real difference is that you're providing copious amounts of information about your personal life (mostly lies), fishing for likes and huge friend's lists in an attempt to gain a sense that someone cares or that you have some validation in your life.

Comment Re:What a waste! (Score 1) 76

Because posting on /. obviously puts you on moral high ground...

Where's your crusade against twitter, facebook and texting? Where's your righteous indignation at the $40 billion spent on Hollywood movies at the box office alone in 2015? Where's your outrage at the ridiculous time and money wasted on professional sports, or propping up two-faced politicians, or Walmart's craptastic plastic future-landfill products?

Would you have the same apoplectic meltdown if the games people played were chess or backgammon? WTF is the difference if its on a screen, for the most part played with or against other humans anyway?

At least its an engagement of one's mind in an interactive activity, rather than drooling and staring at predictable regurgitations of fart jokes and "mystery" shows that pervade modern television. Or worse. the never ending one-upmanship of opportunistic narcissistic idiots trying to come up with the next outrageous statement that goes viral.

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