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Comment Re:You fail at sneaky (Score 1) 409

Stealth in space really doesn't work well because of a few details that are quite foreign. The background temperature of space is about 3 kelvin or -455 degrees ferenheit. In order to not stick out like a sore thumb you would need to cool all parts of your ship to this temperature that are oriented towards a sensor. Another detail often misunderstood is that there is very little convection. On earth we are surrounded by an atmosphere which allows for heat to be transferred from heat source to the gasses around it. This does not take place well in a vacuum because of low density. This is the same principle that make liquid cooling of a computer core more effective than air cooling. Liquid nitrogen and other liquified gasses function because the liquid uses heat energy to convert from liquid to gas, thus "taking" energy causing cooling. A closed system by which liquid helium is used to cool the skin of a ship to 3 kelvin and is then recompressed to liquid would require its own cooling until a scale of magnitude larger than the the system used to cool the ship. This is why perpetual motion doens't work (You would need a 3rd system to cool 2nd and so on). You could eject the heated medium behind your stealth ship you would suffer a very large weight penalty. Also, heated materials vibrate which would cause dispersal of the heated medium meaning it would soon escape the shadow of your ship and be detectable. On a side note nuclear weapons function very differently without an atmosphere. There is no pressure and therefor no over pressure or fireball. A nuclear explosion in space is a massive release of radiation and would have to be quite close to an object to do much more than irradiate the target.

Comment Security (Score 1) 145

If I were living in the UK I would be worried this would turn into a colossal waste of money (I'm sure the US will waste even more money). What this "Kiosk" amounts to is a hacking module designed for use by people that have very little real knowledge of how the device works. This means it is using predetermined exploits to gain access. These exploits will be addressed by the manufacturer not because they want to thwart police but rather the evil doers stealing peoples phones. That means the Kiosk and will need to be updated constantly and will still likely only yilld the same low hanging fruit. I say low hanging fruit because for anyone interested in defeating the Kiosk of Doom, the methods are already known and in use. Hardware AES encryption and a complicated password is basically unbreakable. Hardware encryption should be thought of as hardware authentication. Without using the built in encryption module cracking AES 256 will take life times because dictionary attacks won't work. With the actual hardware present only the users typed in code is a problem but you are forced only use the phone against itself. With this attack you are limited by the phones own ability, so no attacking the passcode with a bunch of playstations. What it all means is that if there is an exploit available that will allow multiple authentication attempts without triggering something like IOS delete after 10 attempts then a 4 digit password is not safe from people that know and can use those exploits. If you have an actual password, pattern, whatever... You can feel safe that some bobby wont be looking at the naked pictures of your wife unless you let him. I saw some people mention having a kill code and I think it is a good idea but limited. You would have to have the presence of mind to kill your phone and of course it would be assumed that you ruined the data on purpose. If I was simply worried about pictures of my wife or whatever I would simply not give my strong password or pattern and wait until I was forced to. At that point you can talk to a judge and explain why and ensure that the handling of your data is dictated by a court of law and private pictures or

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