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Comment Re: Rule the waves? (Score 1) 432

All you need is 4 or 5 years notice to get ready for a shooting war. No problem.

I don't even get how this is possible. Not only is the UK one of the wealthiest nations on earth, it is one of a few, if not the only one among NATO nations that spends the recommended 2% on defence. Yet their legendary Royal Navy can't even afford ship to ship missiles while nations in the 1-1.5% category seem to be able to afford such missiles.

Comment Re:Lots of love today... (Score 0) 93

It would seem you're the one with issues that can't accept the election results. Deal with it or move to Mexico.

In other words you are confirming that I did hit a Fuckface Von Nervestick by pointing out he won even though he was the runner up ... note to self: poke that nerve in every future conversations with Trump supporters.

Comment Re: What about the far-left? (Score 1) 978

Who is a private company? Twitter, sir/madam, is not private. And as a decently-sized shareholder, their actions affect me.

In other words, you think Twitter is a government agency because you own shares. If Twitter can kick off Nazis, can Slashdot please kick off idiots?

Kicking the alt-right off sites like Twitter is stupid because it allows them to stand on a soap box with a bullhorn and scream 'I'M A MARTYR TO FREE SPEECH!!' and that war cry will simply attract more recruits to their cause for the same reason that forbidding teenagers to do something is the best way to ensure they'll do it. Free speech guarantees your ability to say whatever fucking pile of half truths, lies and conspiracy theories you want but it does not guarantee your right to call it news. What would be much more effective is to filter any fake news stories their propagandists are trying to spread out of the news section and into the conspiracy theory section on sites like Google, Facebook, et al as well as fact checking and confronting people like Trump over their lies at every possible opportunity. If Facebook really chickened out of their effort to filter out of their news feeds totally fake stories spread by the likes of Breitbart for fear of hurting the feelings of the alt-right then there is something seriously wrong with Facebook.

Comment Re:Lots of love today... (Score -1, Troll) 93

They weren't competing for the popular vote. They were competing for the presidency and he won it convincingly. Deal with it.

AWWW.... did I hit a Fuckface von Nervestick? Trump didn't win the largest block of popular votes, which, in a functioning democracy is usually what qualifies you as the winner. Lucky for Trump the fucked up and throughly rigged US electoral college system allows the runner up to win.

Comment Re:Never mind storage upgrades (Score 2) 478

What about when the SSD craps out? Then it's back to Apple, (or at least to a third-party shop), for an undoubtedly expensive repair job. Great! More stuff that the user has no hope of repairing on his or her own, and more non-renewable materials prematurely tossed into landfill. Tell me again - why in hell would I want a new Apple laptop?

I'll claim the repair on my home insurance policy which covers my laptop among other things. Having said that I have yet to have an Apple SSD crap out on me or for that matter the SSD chips on any mobile device I own. What's normally crapped out on my mobile devices every single time so far was the charging circuit when I was dumb enough to plug the device into a USB socket or cigarette lighter socket on a motorcar and on the Laptops it was usually the battery when it neared the end of its lifespan. As to why I'd buy an ultra compact laptop (either Apple or some other brand) ?? ... because it is ultra compact, I like ultra compact and I accept that that comes with a price and soldered components are part of that price. If you don't mind carrying a concrete pavement slab of a laptop around with you because you can swap out every single individual component then go right ahead and do that. I won't crap all over you for buying one or using one and I hope it brings you much joy. Just for god sake try to scrounge together the good manners to stop crapping all over those of us who like ultra compact portables Apple or some other brand. There are good reasons to buy an ultra compact laptop even if you can't understand them.

Comment A little injection of realism ... (Score 1) 470

It looks like maybe the Democrats have the issues. When you rig your primary to insure the candidate most hated by all conservative voters is guaranteed the nomination and then wonder why you lost that's called the issue of self delusion. No matter how bad Trump acted. No matter how rude and obnoxious. No matter what dirt was dug up on him. They still lost the election because they picked a bad, bad candidate and when an outsider challenged her they cheated and undercut him in any way they could. All so they could run the Queen. Well they ran her and Americans rejected her. The only people they have to blame are themselves. I'd be willing to bet there were hundred of other politicians they could have run with and won but they wanted the most corrupt one they could find that wasn't in jail at the moment.

I'm probably going to be modded into oblivion for pointing this out (wouldn't be the first time either) but Republican primaries process isn't exactly free of issues by any stretch of the imagination. The same goes for the Electoral College which allows the runner up who lost the election by 2 million bloody votes to become president. People keep telling me that the Electoral College is essential to US democracy and blah, blah, blah ... I call bullshit on all of it. The president should be elected by popular vote, period! Then there is the fucked up US electoral system riddled as it is with gerrymandering. I just heard a political analyst on TV recommend that the Dems. should put some effort back into state level politics. The implication of this person's advice seemed to be that if they did that, they could gerrymander the system back in their favour .... seriously?!?! By the looks of it practically every step of the US electoral process from the primaries onwards is in serious need of reform. It's easy for the Republicans to feel smug right about now, they control both houses of congress and they may or may not control the president (the jury is still out on that question). What they should be is worried because this victory they have scored is largely a victory achieved by gaming the system while demographics are slowly working against them. The fastest growing communities in the US are non-white while the Republican voter base is shrinking. If the Democrats spend the next few years rebuilding a grass roots organisation, realise that their most important base is not the Wall Street bankers and tech billionaires they spend most of their time sucking up to but working class white and non-white citizens. If the Democrats go back to their roots and draw some of those working class voters away from the likes of Trump with a Roosevelt style 'New Deal program' the Republicans will be in real trouble because endorsements form the KKK are not going to increase their appeal to that rapidly expanding group of non-white voters. In the end even expert gerrymandering will not be able to save the Republicans from their shrinking voter base. Only a move towards the political centre and away from KKK endorsements can do that. Say what you want, even if the Reps/Trump did not accept the KKK endorsement the mere fact that they got it is a very bad sign for the Reps. As for the Democrats there is an old Norse saying, "Don't mourn, gather men, arm yourselves and avenge" and that is my advice to them. Leave the Republicans to revel in their smugness and schadenfreude. Spend the next two years ousting the old Democrat establishment, bring in some new people, reform the primaries, take your party back to its core message and values and then kick the Reps. in the balls in 2018/2020 with a steel toe boot.

Comment Well thank god.... (Score 2, Funny) 201

Another Study Finds Earth's CO2 Emissions Have Flattened Over The Last Three Years

I just heard that President Elect by popular vote, Donald Trump has pledged to fix this problem so you can all breathe easier now. The president is hard at work assembling a crack task force from among the ranks of Big Oil and Big Coal to bring CO2 emissions growth back on track.

Comment Re:Without a doubt (Score 1) 412

just like its been Bush's fault for the last 8?

He did double the national debt and start two brutal and expensive wars that lasted throughout Obama's presidency. A large portion of the stinking mess that is Syria and Iraq are due to Bush disbanding the Iraqi army and supporting that sectarian moron Nouri al Maliki into the Iraqi presidency.

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