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Comment Apple has 91% of market for $1,000+ PCs (Score 1) 965

First off, last time I checked, mac had a market share around 5%. Now if you want to quote a source saying over 10%, be my guest. Secondly, even if it was above 10%, I think that could be considered a fraction of the installed windows user base.

This took all of about 15 seconds:

Was the last time you checked? 1997?

The market share argument is getting about as dated as the "one button mouse LOL" argument. Try again.

Comment Re:We should be CELEBRATING this thing (Score 1) 1713

You nailed it.

99.9% of Slashdot are not Apple's target audience. I'm looking at you Freegan Penguinista Android fanbois.

The rest of the world, you know, the ones that bathe regularly, don't go "shopping" for their groceries out of trash bins, have managed to move out of their parents houses?

It's for them. Most people don't want to waste time farting around with their computers. They want to get whatever it is they're trying to get done, done.

Try reading this. It was written by someone who actually develops software for a living, and is apparently confident enough about their appearance to show a picture of their face on their blog.

The Internet

Submission + - Americans giving up sex, friends, for Internet (

Bocanegra writes: A survey conducted by ad agency JWT shows that 20% of the respondents willingly give up sex (with other people, no less) in order to spend more time on the Internet. Another 28 percent spend less time with their friends in favor of surfing the web. In fact, the majority of those in the survey just can't bear to go without the Internet for very long. '15 percent of the group admitted to being weak-willed and said that they would only be able to last a day or less without feeling isolated and disconnected from the world. Another 21 percent didn't do much better, saying they could only go a couple of days, with 19 percent saying they could go "a few days." Only about 18 percent of the group said that they could go a week or more without being connected.'
The Internet

Submission + - MediaDefender Source Code Leaked (

Pride Goes Before a Fall writes: It hasn't been a good week for the anti-P2P company MediaDefender. Fresh after the devastating leaks of their internal emails, their Gnutella tracking database, and their phone call with the New York Attorney General over an anti-child pornography project, now Wired reports that MediaDefender's source code is on the Pirate Bay for anyone to download. Given that MediaDefender joked about their own inability to put a dent in online copyright infringement, one wonders why companies trust these folks to fight copyright infringement when they can't even stop the torrent with their own worst secrets in it?

Submission + - US DoJ : EU antitrust ruling "hurts consumers&

An anonymous reader writes: The Assistant Attorney General for Antitrust (Thomas Barnett) criticized the EU's Court of First Instance's affirmation of the European Commission's finding that Microsoft violated EU antitrust law and stated that the settlement "...rather than helping consumers, may have the unfortunate consequence of harming consumers by chilling innovation and discouraging competition."

I'm sure that Barnett's history as a partner in a law firm representing corporate clients in antitrust litigation didn't factor into this statement.
The Internet

Submission + - Job losses over eBay 'addiction' (

An anonymous reader writes: Nine council workers have lost their jobs for spending too long on the internet auction site eBay.

Three were sacked and six resigned after managers at Neath Port Talbot council found some staff were spending up to two hours a day on the website.


Inventors Protest Patent Reform Bill 168

narramissic writes "A group of inventors and U.S. company execs, among them Dean Kamen, inventor of the Segway and the AutoSyringe, and Steve Perlman, inventor of WebTV and lead developer of Apple Inc.'s QuickTime, paid a visit to Washington to encourage Congress to defeat the Patent Reform Act. The inventors say the Act will weaken the patent system, devalue patents, and encourage infringement. A version of the act, which passed the House of Representatives earlier this month, is supported by several large tech vendors including Microsoft, IBM, and Cisco. The big companies hope it will make it harder for patent holders to sue and collect huge damage awards when only a small piece of a tech product is found to infringe."

Submission + - MediaDefender anti-piracy tools leaked onto BT

thefickler writes: For a company that's been set up to stealthily protect the intellectual property of its clients, Media Defender doesn't seem to be too good at protecting its own intellectual property. Its suite of anti-piracy tools has been leaked onto the BitTorrent peer-to-peer (P2P) network. The leak comes just a week after 700MB of MediaDefender's internal emails were leaked.
Portables (Apple)

Submission + - Why Apple's 'consumer' Macs are enterprise-worthy

jcatcw writes: Seth Weintraub provides a number of reasons to think that all of Apple's machines are ready to move into the enterprise, depending on the job at hand. 'There is no comparison between Apple's "consumer" machines and the consumer lines of its competitors. ... The company's simple and elegant product line, which is also highly customizable, will be Apple's entree to the business market — if IT decision-makers can get over their prejudice against equipment that's traditionally been aimed at consumers.'

Submission + - Spore Developer Says Wii Isn't Really a Piece of

njkid1 writes: "After suffering from a big case of foot-in-mouth-disease, Spore developer Chris Heckler humbly detracted his "Wii is a piece of shit" statement from his rant the other day. He has gone on record to say that he was just trying to be "thought provoking" and "fun," but somehow went a little overboard. In his detraction speech he also qualifies his comments by saying, "When I'm on stage, I'm me. I'm talking talk from me. From me. I'm not representing EA or Maxis. I want to make two things perfectly clear." He then went on to say that he applauds Nintendo for the innovation they've done with Wii and that, yes, he knows the company's committed to great games. Don't even want to know what kind of reaming Will Wright or the folks over a EA gave him over his mini tirade the other day veloper-says-wii-isnt-really-a-piece-of-sh-and?&nc id=AOLGAM000500000000009"

Wind, Solar & Biofuels to Power Remote Cell Towers 119

tcd004 writes "How do you set up a cell network when there's no power grid? Namibia, India and Nigeria are building towers using localized power sources to provide critical cell phone access to the most remote parts of their countries. Wind/solar hybrids, and biofuel power plants will power the radio towers, peripheral communications, and even the protective fencing around the installations."

Submission + - A decade-long mystery has been solved

justelite writes: "A decade-long mystery has been solved using data from ESA's X-ray observatory XMM-Newton. The brightest member of the so-called 'magnificent seven' has been found to pulsate with a period of seven seconds. The discovery casts some doubt on the recent interpretation that this object is a highly exotic celestial object known as a quark star."

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