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Submission + - Recreating John Glenn's flight, 50 years later (

Ellis D. Tripp writes: "A consortium of industry and universities is planning to recreate John Glenn's project mercury orbital flight, to commemorate the upcoming 50th anniversary of the event. The plan is to build a replica mercury capsule from the original plans, and launch it atop a modern booster. The project is intended to advance space science education, and reignite interest in space exploration among American youth.

No news on how the astronaut will be chosen yet."


Submission + - Adobe's John Nack Tells More on Apps Phoning Home (

FenderGeek writes: John Nack, Senior Product Manager for Adobe Photoshop, shares more info on the controversial 'phoning home' of certain Adobe applications. From the article:

Short story: "Based on my analysis, I don't see any evidence that serial-numbers are being sent to either * or *" This info matches everything else I've been able to learn on the subject: the welcome screen SWF is not gathering/uploading serial numbers or other personal info.
I tend to trust what John Nack says, but YMMV.


Submission + - Microsoft Looking at Emacs for .Net (

eweekhickins writes: "Microsoft is working on a project that would essentially bring the functionality of the Emacs text editor to .Net. The Emacs text editor has been around for years, developed in 1976 by free software advocate Richard Stallman. Now, enter Microsoft. Mike Sax, a developer and president of Sax Software Corp., Eugene, Ore., said "The interesting part is that instead of putting it into the 'everything and the kitchen sink' Visual Studio, they may be going for a much lighter set of tools that more closely resemble the Unix toolset.""

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