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Comment Re:Is it a good alternative to Ubuntu for a novice (Score 2) 216

Is it a good alternative to Ubuntu for a novice?

I would say yes.

I recently got a new computer and didn't want to spend the extra money for windows (the computer was a gift and the extra windows money would have made it hard to get a decent graphics card, a must for me.) I am a long time windows user and dabbled in Linux here and there throughout the years (as far back as early slackware) but no real experience and never for any reasonable length of time. I do have some experience from unix systems from way back though.

I installed Debian because I wanted a super stable system and it has a rep. for being just that. I however found that some things are a real pain in the ass because the Debian people are (damn near) zealots when it comes to open source (this is not a knock against them or that). After I spent a couple days trying to work them out and some I could not I looked up what other current distro's there are. I am not really a fan of Ubuntu so I was looking for something else. I noticed that Mint was "rated" pretty high from a usability standpoint and decided to try it.

Installing was easy (most Linux installs are easy now days though). Getting the device drivers all working most notably the proprietary Nvidia gfx drivers was actually painless. Getting Steam up and running was painless (mostly because of the great WineHQ pages on it) The software management tool is easy to use and I haven't had any problems with it. I use vim for programming so that was a non-issue anyhow.

Not having some of the more familiar and polished windows programs that I am used to using on a daily or weekly basis is a pain but I am working my way around that through time and experience with Linux. (I have resisted the urge to install a bunch of programs through wine beyond a few games I enjoy).

I have been using it for a few weeks now and so far my experience from a Linux newbie prospective has been very favorable in Mint.

Submission + - Petition to Stop the E-PARASITE Act. (

Feltope writes: This Bill would allow essentially allow A Great Firewall of America and would be a shameful desecration of free speech and any sort of reasonable copyright law. The new Law would allow copyright holders to force websites which have any copyrighted material to be blocked by ISP companies around the country, without requiring that the websites be given time to take the offending material down. It would also put pressure on ISP companies to monitor their users like never before, a gross invasion of privacy. This bill is a direct assault on a free internet and a shameful attempt by copyright lobbyists to destroy net neutrality. Essentially it's a censorship law that would end the internet as we know it in America.

Comment Re:How do I made Flash games without Flash? (Score 1) 99 runs these often as well. They are great fun. Newgrounds and Kongregate are two of the biggest flash sites.

I play games on Newgrounds sometimes. They often have game jams where games are created within so many hours.

What's the best way to compete in a Newgrounds game jam without buying a copy of multi-hundred-dollar Flash CS software?

Most of us use flash develop it is a free open source IDE for ActionScript/HaXe, that and the flex SDK (one comes bundled with flash develop) are all you need to develop for flash.

Then it would just be a matter of signing up on the site and getting involved.

Comment Re:It's not April... (Score 1) 87

Most of the problems (not all obviously) flash has are because of the lazy morons that are writing the flash games/apps etc. not the player. I have seen some shitty code in my day but some of the stuff I have seen in in actionscript would make you cry. It is to bad really. Actionscript is a solid language add on top of that HaXe and you have an even more robust language.

The ability to rapidly develop insanely low quality code that works is why it is so attractive. That doesn't mean all AS code is crap though, there are some seriously good flash developers out there.

Comment Re:Woohoo, more government!!! Yeah. (Score 1) 160

Mod parent UP not down.

Whomever modded this down must not live in America because this is exactly the way our political system works. (sadly)

Don't believe me? Think I am just being paranoid and cynical? Think I need my tinfoil hat?

Go and look up who is in charge of the Food & Drug Administration.
Go on, I will wait...
Yea that is the person that is telling us what is safe for us.

Go ahead and do the same thing with just about any other government agency!!!

Comment Re:It's only a matter of time (Score 1) 73

We have the best medicine in the world and it will destroy that! (we don't and it won't)
Pull yourself up by your boot straps!!!
and countless other responses.

I am a chef. I work hard for a living. I have had ~3 jobs in my life that I had the option to get health/dental insurance for, only one of which was worth a crap.
I am 38 years old and a white male. I have no dependents and have never been married. I am obviously capable of working and taking care of myself. In short, there is nothing for me. I know this will sound racist and I don't mean it to be really but if I was from any other ethnic group I would qualify for pretty much anything and everything from medical care to extra school assistance all the way down to special low rate loans to open my own business. I am not suggesting I deserve these things I am just saying that is the way it is. Salaries have dropped so much in the last 10 years in kitchens it is borderline sickening.

I need health care badly. I can't afford anything worthwhile. All the plans I have looked into would either reject me because I have pretty bad blood pressure problems, or they are to expensive, or so bad I am better off without it. The dental plans I have looked at are in the same boat. I desperately need dentures.

I don't have a problem paying for my life. I also enjoy working hard. There is no other feeling like it in the world when you see a customer that just had one of the best meals he/she has ever had and completely enjoyed the experience. It is a great feeling. We all have to eat! My job is to make your experience the best I can and that is a lot of fun.

We need health care in this country badly however sadly our government is run by businesses not by the people. So I don't ever see it happening without a semi-revolution.

Until the camel's back actually breaks we are stuck I am afraid.

Comment Re:Gambling... (Score 1) 168

Poker is a game of skill.

Being able to read another players tells etc are skills as well.(good) Businessmen, salesmen, doctors, anyone in customer service have well developed skills in reading other people.

I disagree with the computer thing. A novice player (we would call them a level 1 thinker) would get crushed by a computer I am sure. The computer can be programmed with high knowledge of probabilities etc. and thus always make the right mathematical choice. Against a seasoned player those mathematically right choices will get confused by bluffs, stop-n-goes, pitches, stealing. etc. because they are hard to factor in and as the computer model adapts and updates its internal probabilities and begins to catch the pro the pro can simply switch gears and continue to crush the computer (rinse and repeat). It is not hard to destroy a mathematical poker model.

When they start lumping in crap like blackjack into the equation is when things get really screwy. Blackjack is not poker. (I don't know that they have said otherwise)

The PPA has been trying to get legislation passed for years (since it was banned) for this. All of use that play poker professionally, or semi-professionally have been screaming for protection for this. Legalize it and regulate it so we can play in piece. I don't have a problem paying my taxes and do so. Most players I know don't really give it a second thought they have to pay taxes and they know it. It is the weekend warrior donkey that might not be paying his taxes.

Although it is true that any player no matter their skill level can sit down and win a bunch of money from the best player in the world it won't happen consistently. Almost all of us keep databases of our hands (online play) some are massive. I average ~3000 hands a day last year. That is obviously just over 1 mil. hands. I know exactly what my win rate is and I also know that I "swing" sometimes I have cold times and sometimes I have hot times. It happens. That does not change the fact that the game is a game of skill not luck. Mathematically models don't usually concern themselves with 10, 100, 1000, or even 10000 hands. A decent mathematical model of a player is a min. of about 20k hands. (this is a disputed figure many people feel differently about this) personally I would say 100k hands at any given buy-in level is a good measure of your abilities at that level. Also by that time your numbers will be your numbers and you don't have to worry about calculating your standard deviation etc.

Poker is a game of memory, math (statistics and probabilities), and social skills like reading people. It has not now nor will it ever be and I can't wait for them to turn it back on full power so I can get back to augmenting my income with it.

A Note about them shutting down PokerStars and FullTilt:
PokerStars did the right thing and had all the money in other accounts so the player's money was safe. When the government came knocking they were able to say this is our player's money accounts let us give them their money.

FullTilt did not. They screwed the pooch big time. (after telling us all that the money was separate a while back).

Sorry I rambled on so much.

Comment Re:Gambling... (Score 1) 168

In that moment when you shoved all in with AK suited, and you get a ridiculous call with 4-3 off, the skill it took to get you to that point is thrown out the window when the flop comes 443.

People run hot and cold sometimes that is true. (Moneymaker ran hot as a nova during the WSOP)

The above quote is a very bad example of why people think poker is luck.

AKs vs. 43o is only a 65% favorite. That is all. Not much is it.

Your a bunch of math guys around here. Here are the numbers. (whips open poker stove)

    21,423,686 games 19.485 secs 1,099,496 games/sec


        equity win tie pots won pots tied
Hand 0: 65.843% 65.56% 00.28% 14045162 60932.00 { AKs }
Hand 1: 34.157% 33.87% 00.28% 7256660 60932.00 { 43o }

Comment Re:Not that surprising, actually (Score 1) 468

Besides, Ubuntu is always in perpetual beta now.

Isn't this the excuse we hear from almost every piece of software on linux. It is in beta is the most overused excuse for poor documentation and programs being haphazardly put together with no polish.

I am not above it, I have created many little tools I only use on my local lan that will never be released.
It gets pretty old hearing anything associated with linux say this.

1) Yes windows is better in this area. (though not by much).
2) A few (ubuntu/red hat/openSuSe/etc) have done a great job polishing up linux for the end user experience.

Question, Why are the Ubuntu guys getting all crazy and releasing stuff before it is ready? Do they have some direct monetary competition that I am not aware of? (very possible)

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