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Comment Re:Germans should read the license before suing. (Score 1) 384

If this EULA (end-user license agreement or subscriber agreement) would be enforceable. If would also be logical that they can no longer say or write that they are selling and a customer is buying a game. The "buy-button" on Steam would have to be replaced by a "rent-button" or something else. Or they can no longer advertise that they sell a game, only that they sell a license to play the game. -- The difference between buying (and therefor owning the right to sell) and renting / leasing / "whatever you / they call it" should be crystal-clear in the webshop and game shop in your town.

Comment Practicle information and knowledge (Score 1) 214

A good working IPv4 market and the lacking need for IPv6 might explain why IPv6 is not getting of the ground. The thing that is holding me back is the lack of practical information on a IPv6 network and the connection to the internet. I have not read any practical guide that easily explains how to setup an IPv6 network, keeping in mind that I want the same level of privacy on my LAN and the easy connection to the internet. Instead of a router/modem that speaks NAT, I need a decent firewall and modem. Please don't start with NAT is no firewall. I know that, but it has been a trench surrounding my LAN that kept the creeps outside. Or at least it gave me and the other 99% that feeling and ease of mind. It are the following practical questions that keep me from IPv6; -- Now I need a decent firewall and what is the price ? -- Do I still need a router and maybe a separate modem ? -- Is there one device that does all this ? -- What will is cost ? Even when all the above is answered ... I still have to worry about the fact that some parts will blackout once I move to IPv6. But then I have spent my hard earned cash already.

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