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Comment Re:I wish they would do the obvious (Score 2) 264

This assumes that the only terrorist threat is from Muslims, which is rather simplistic. Additionally, there is no way that a policy which is that discriminatory could be implemented without violating the constitution. It would be the equivalent of only requiring scanners for people in a certain skin colour range.

Comment Some more info (Score 2) 25

Summary is remarkably uninformative, adding nothing of interest that isn't in the heading.

They took 32 hours and 45 minutes to drive their car, Tokai Challenger2, 3021 kilometres on solar power averaging a speed of 91.54 kilometres per hour.

Team Nuon from the Netherlands was close behind:

Team Nuon arrived in Angle Vale at 2.12 pm Darwin time in a time of 33.5 hours with an average speed of 88.62 kilometres per hour.

Sourced from this pdf

Comment Re:Misleading Article (Score 1) 403

Yes, the exchange rate varies with supply and demand, but the supply and demand is in turn affected by difficulty. Difficulty increases as a response to increased overall demand (overall mining rate), and it serves as a means to make supply grow slower than demand. In addition, an increase in difficulty makes it less energy efficient to mine bitcoins, which increases the demand to buy it with conventional money.

This by no means implies that a doubling in difficulty will result in a price doubling. Supply and demand is affected by much more than just difficulty, which is why we see market variations such as the $30 peak and the subsequent crash and drop in volatility.

Comment Re:2.7% Efficiency? (Score 1) 387

Reading other posts it sounds like it isn't storing energy in a large molten salt battery, so that 392 MW may be peak production.

FTFY. Considering that the entire surface area is only receiving 14 GW of power, trying to generate 392 GW would be rather challenging. For interest sake, the plant only converts 2.7% of the solar power for the entire area into electricity. This figure is not the efficiency, though, since the entire surface area is not covered by mirrors.

Comment Re:NZ Law based on baseball rules? surely cricket! (Score 1) 162

I doubt the legislation was based on baseball for a start, but using the analogy is the quickest way of getting the concept across to the general public. Allowing grace twice is a fairly reasonable middle ground which provides sufficient warning to the pirate.

Some ideas for other games-based piracy laws:
Get caught once and you're out.
Pirate something longer than 80 minutes.
Passing pirated material forward.
Pirating material before release (offsides).
I could go on, but once it gets to "joining the ruck from the side", the analogy has broken down completely.

Comment Re:Damn! (Score 2) 150

I'd prefer a mmorpg with a truly dynamic world, not a circus fair ride.

Sounds like GW2 is exactly what you want. While I agree that the original Guild Wars series was highly linear in terms of plot, Guild Wars 2 includes lots of dynamic events which have a tangible impact on the world you experience. Have a look at this description of dynamic events for more detail.

Comment Re:what's the big deal? 75 Trillion is peanuts (Score 1) 545

Although I am aware that you're not being serious, my pedantic nature forces me to point out that the third edition Zimbabwean dollars (which included the $100 trillion banknote) expired on 12 April 2009. They even had expiry dates printed on them. The fourth edition was then introduced with a trillion-to-one ratio, but all Zimbabwean currency was phased shortly afterwards.

Comment Ergonomics (Score 4, Insightful) 110

Accuracy aside, the ergonomics for touch based devices are terrible. Repetitive large movements in the wrists and fingers are bad whether you're moving a mouse around or dragging your finger on a surface. High resolution mice which only require an inch of movement to cross an entire screen provide good accuracy while minimising wrist and finger movement.

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