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Comment Better idea (Score 5, Insightful) 231

Prime Minister Cameron makes a general statement not just for Turing but for all those tortured and prosecuted under what we now rightly see was a terrible and cruel "law". Society has moved on and a bold declaration that not just Turing but all those convicted of crimes of this nature are considered to be pardoned would solidify how far we have progressed.

Comment Conversation (Score 1) 235

I could tell pretty much after third reply... Me: Sup? Eugene: I don't understand the question. Me: Sup! As is what is up? Eugene: I'm having a great day! Me: Oh yes? What's so great about it all hyped about the win? Eugene: So we reached consensus. Go on then! If I'm not mistaken - you still didn't tell me where you live. OR it's a secret?:-) Say what? Perhaps under strict test conditions it's fine but released into the wild it's rather poor.

Comment Re:Yes! (Score 1) 139

2+2 = 11 ....In base 3 of course. Language must evolve over time, ye olde eventually changed and in time I look forward to the rules of grammar becoming more relaxed. As for the artickle, it's pretty clever sharks don't have many attachment points and making a laser that can not only be fitted to a shark but be waterproof and powered to not bother the creature to the extent its trainer says stop is pretty impressive.

Comment Re:But this price rise is artificial.... (Score 1) 1205

LMGTFY; Two sets of standards have been defined for light-duty vehicles in the Clean Air Act Amendments (CAAA) of 1990: Tier 1 standards applied to all new light-duty vehicles (LDV), such as passenger cars, light-duty trucks, sport utility vehicles (SUV), minivans and pick-up trucks. First 50k miles/5 years all in g/mi THC 0.41 NMHC 0.25 CO 3.4 NOx Diesel 1.0 - More relaxed NOx limits for diesels applicable to vehicles through 2003 model year NOx gasoline 0.4 PM 0.08 - PM standards applicable to diesel vehicles only And those are... THC - Total hydrocarbons NMHC - Non-methane hydrocarbons CO - Carbon monoxide NO - Nitrogen oxides PM - Diesel particulate matter Well let's look at a Golf 5door TDI S HC+NOx 0.207 CO 0.382 NOx 0.158 Particles 0.0004 Estimated fuel consumptions; EC Urban (mpg) 49.6 EC Extra Urban (mpg) 74.3 EC Combined (mpg) 62.8 So i'm not entirely sure the arguement that it would fail emission laws holds up.

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