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Comment Free to play (Score 1) 413

Not WoW it is free to play but with quite crippling limits, I think what's really hitting WoW numbers most is the rise of the free to play model amongst other MMO's none of which have anywhere near as crippling limitations as WoW take a look at the free to play on steam section and there are 4 MMO style games all of which are free with microtransaction support that offers a substantial boost but is not required to actually participate even at high levels with no problems. Compare that to WoW where you can get to level 20 and have severe limitations on your character and i'm going to gravitate my time and effort towards the free to play game that for sure. The one i've been spending most time with is Spiral Knights, very simple persistant world game that's remarkably fun and you can do excpetionally well in without spending a single cent.
United Kingdom

Submission + - UK to legalise ripping CDs and DVDs (bbc.co.uk)

AmiMoJo writes: "The government is poised to announce the legalisation of ripping media for personal use as it accepts some of the recommendations of the wide-ranging Hargreaves Review of UK copyright law. As well as legalising "format shifting", it also suggested relaxing rules on parody and creating an agency to licence copyrighted content."
The Courts

Submission + - Tony Wang tells off tweeters (bbc.co.uk) 1

Feef Lovecraft writes: "New European boss of Twitter, Tony Wang, warned at a press conference that the site would hand over information to the autohrities where they were "legally required".
He declined to comment directly on the recent issue of people naming an individual on the micro-blogging site in defiance of a court injuction."

Submission + - 8.9 Quake hits Japan. (yahoo.com)

Noryungi writes: One the biggest Earthquake to hit Japan within the past 20 years is going on.
There are report of 10m-high tsunami off the coast.

Comment Reverse burden (Score 1) 346

IANAL but from what I recall the libel law in the UK is horrifically broken and needs amending and the following is true; 1) If any part of a publication is printed or reprinted in the UK you have a case for libel, and whilst the definitions of printed have changed so it includes electronic media this crazy system has not. 2) You are under a reverse burden of proof, if I say David Blaine is a gitwizard it's up to me to prove that he is indeed a gitwizard, he can just sit back smile polietely and I have to do all the work. 3) Indeed even if I can prove David Blaine is a gitwizard I might still be fined for having caused damage. http://www.libelreform.org/ has more details on how broken UK libel law is.

Comment Ashes to Ashes finale (Score 1) 955

((Contains slight Ashes to Ashes spoilers))

I am quite intrested in the feedback between Ashes to Ashes which just concluded and from what i've read about the lost finale has a similar sort of motiff but managed to give a very satisfying conclusion to Life on Mars and Ashes to Ashes explaining the world, the charactes and motivations and just what has been happening.

Contrasting this with Lost which sounds very much like they were trying something similar but didn't dedicate enough time to make it forfilling and as rewarding as the final for Ashes to Ashes which even after watching a second time left me feeling drained but satisifed.

Submission + - Mcafee mishap for XP SP3. (kansascity.com)

Feef Lovecraft writes: Mcafee pushed a update 5958 which causes the svchost of Windows XP machines with SP3 to be misreported as a virus has been causing problems with machines stuck in reboot cycles as essential services are shutdown.

Comment Zoom In 2 - Biodiversity project (Score 1) 256

I've been taking part in a biodiversity project with a little disposable camera and taking a photo every month on the same day and then taking 5 photos with my digital camera of the area around where i'm taking the photo. Otherwise my total would be lower, i'm really looking forward to developing the disposable camera contents as the digital ones have been quite awesome so far.

Comment Re:News for nerds. Stuff that matters (Score 1) 2044

What you will find is what you always find however, the extremes. I personally know a few friends in the States that are doing really not so well just now because they have pre-exisiting conditions and can't get insurance so they don't mind that they have fingers falling off because they can't afford to do anything about it. But again that's at the extreme, obviously for you the system of health care is working quite well, I believe that one of the main purposes of this bill is to extend that system to those who it isn't working out so well for.

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