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However, people who live in land scarce city states generally don't get access to their own garages. One major hurdle to overcome would be placing the charging outlets at shared car parks - EV taxes to pay for the construction and maintenance of common charging outlets, charge cost metering, and replacement of vandalized outlets are some of the problems that add up to the cost of ownership of such vehicles.

The cost of a Toyota Prius in Singapore is already almost SGD$100 000 (approx. USD$69 000, or 3 times the US list price). I can't see the Leaf being adopted on a large scale by the pragmatic citizens in Singapore unless its overall cost of ownership is equal to or lower than conventional vehicles.

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Submission + - Australian ACMA blacklist on Wikileaks

An anonymous reader writes: As reported in the Australian Press, the blacklist compiled by the ACMA seems to have been posted on Wikileaks.

Many Australians have been fiercely opposing the imposition of mandatory ISP level censorship for some time. Please note that many of the sites are not safe to access depending on your location. The list includes Christian sites, a dentist, a tour operator, wikileaks pages, gambling and euthenasia related sites. This follows the leaking of the blacklists from several other countries. There is no confirmation that this is the current blacklist and there is some mention that censorware vendor filter lists may have been included. The list contains 2395 sites. ACMA said its blacklist, as at November 2008 that the list included only 1370 sites.

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