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Comment Still more expensive (Score 1) 260

"This is a steep discount compared to what users in the U.S. and elsewhere are charged for the software." It's still about $65.80 more than what many people are paying all over the world. Didn't somebody comment on the last article about Vista piracy in China that it was good for Microsoft because it established them in the market? So what happened to that? From their point of view, how is being ripped off for $65.80 any better than being ripped off for over twice that?

Submission + - Google Shows Venders Phone Prototype

Joel writes: "Google is moving forward with its plans to enter the cell phone market by showing a prototype phone to manufacturers and carriers. While Google has not commented on this report yet, it is understandable that they are refining their product which could reach consumers within a year. Google's plan for marketting the service involves the inclusion of advertisements bundled with various Google software. The majority of the revenue from such a service would be from commercial advertising sources instead of consumer dollars. Some say this approach has not and will not be successful, especially to adults who likely would prefer to pay more to avoid ads. The younger generation, however, might be Google's target market in this area as they would be more willing to deal with ads if it means a cheaper service."
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Submission + - Facebook Founder Faces Lawsuit (

Joel writes: "Facebook creator Mark Zuckerberg is facing a lawsuit from competing social networking website, ConnectU. The founders of ConnectU, Divya Narendra, Cameron Winklevoss, and Tyler Winklevoss, claim that Zuckerberg agreed to help them complete the code for their site during their college careers at Harvard. He then allegedly took their ideas and created his own website, Zuckerberg's lawyers say that these claims are false and there is no evidence to back them up. ConnectU's 70,000 members pale in comparison to Facebook's 31 million."

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