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Comment ban this list (Score 1) 456

Any scientific knowledge can be used for good or bad. If someone starts to cencor scientific publications based on their potential for evil we will go back to the dark ages... Powder should never come to public!!!

Electricity can be used to fry people in a chair!
Germ theory can lead to biological warfare!
the wheel can be used to build war vehicles
the pointy stick can be used to make a spear
the list can be endless!!!

Comment Re:do nothing (Score 1) 318

>You end the war when your enemy accepts unconditional surrender unconditional surrender is something very rare in a war, usually, when the army is drawn out the government agrees to a cease-fire. or a conditional surrender. It is less fancy than a complete and unconditional surrender, but is more effective in avoiding unnecessary blood spilled.

>you don't stop fighting until your troops control every inch of their soil because otherwise neither they nor their people feel beaten and like with Germany, in a couple of decades you'll be fighting the war all over again. this is naive. the german call to arms had a lot more reason than simply leftover grudge for the ww1

Keep in mind that fighting to the last man and rebuilding entire armies to continue a losing war only happens in videogames. Countries have economies to run and population to support.

Dont be fooled by the stereotypes that are sold to us all the time like "the japanese were samurais that yould never surrender", sure there were ppl like this, but not in numbers to depose the emperror and drive a nation to a mass suicide/berserk situation.

and now we got completely off-topic, I love /.

Comment Re:do nothing (Score 1) 318

Exactly because war is not a video game that when your allies fall, you dont continue the war, usually war is a costly and messy thing that you cant do alone for much time.

In the long run, a war will exaust your economy and the support of your population. when you fight "to the last man" usually you end in what is called a "Pyrrhic victory" that is a win that cost so much that is not much different from a loss.

The japanese army was already in no contition to do much damage to anyone, specially US since their support fleets were already destroyed (so they couldn't attack american territory effectivelly) and only US had in that time aircraft carriers (I think it was 4 of them at the time).

So the bombs were not "tools to end the war with minimum pain and casualties". That would have happened without them. It was only a way to show off the international community that US have a big gun and is not to be messed with (this and some other factors created the perfect environment for the cold war later, but that is another issue). As a bonus whey could teach in the history classes that ww2 ended with this attack and the D day operation (kudos for US, yay!) and ignore the battle of berlin.

Maybe you had better history classes than me and known this for a long time, but I wasnt aware of the nuances of the ww2 until much later than high school.

Comment Re:do nothing (Score 1) 318

I think the AC is trying to tell that WW2 was not against the Japanese, but against the Axis, and with German out, the war was already lost. The bombs were completely unnecessary as a tool of war, but great as a propaganga of "we finished the war" and "we can blow anyone into dust"

Comment Re:This is hilarious (Score 1) 421

Your way of thinking can e used by theists to impose "treatment" on atheists since this treatment would "help the 'sick' person live a happier, more fulfilling life." according to their point of view.

I would like to prefer only to treat ppl that are a threat to himself or others

Comment Re:She speaks reason (Score 1) 35

dont think so. if in a course of 7 years all your cells are replaced by new ones, it says that you are a diferent person that the one 7 years ago? if you have a perfect copy of an object, how can you say who is the original and who is the copy? even if the original is still alive! My opinion is that memory dumping/uploading enables not only personal imortality but personal multiplexing too

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