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Comment Re:SC2 MP (Score 1) 293

People who use the I suck too much therefore it's not fun completely miss the point. I'm not a chess pro, but still enjoy playing at my level. Losing sucks, but at least you learn something in the process.

FYI you are completely wrong about BOs deciding who wins or not, that might be applicable Diamond+, but below that, just solid macro mechanics and general use of your army will get you very, very far.

Please don't spout something about a game you obviously don't understand.

Comment Re:Sport...pfft. (Score 1) 293

If we changed the word "sport" to "professional hobby" would that make you feel better? But even the non-physical activity description is valid

[spawrt, spohrt] Show IPA
an athletic activity requiring skill or physical prowess and often of a competitive nature, as racing, baseball, tennis, golf, bowling, wrestling, boxing, hunting, fishing, etc.
a particular form of this, especially in the out of doors.
diversion; recreation; pleasant pastime.

Yesterday IGN had their for Pro League matches, I recommend you watch set 3 to know what eSports is about. People who don't do this professionally cannot reach that level of play, and that's why it's a sport.

Comment Re:Blizzard Jumped the Shark (Score 2, Interesting) 385

You're not.

Hackers in bnet totally ruin it. Now, they should have been more careful at separating SP hackers from MP hackers, especially since they never mentioned they would ban for SP hacks.

What I don't get are people who complain about not being able to smurf or make new accounts... this ruined the WC3 ladder, Blizz learned a lesson and fixed the issue. Don't like it? Go play another game, but it makes the serious gamers enjoy it more.

Comment Re:I never used to send SMS (Score 3, Insightful) 468

You're missing the important aspect of ..sometimes I don't want to or can't speak with someone. In this case, txt is much easier. My friends don't have BBs or iPhones, so they can't instantly check their emails. However, everyone is a txt msg away. They don't worry about disturbing me in a meeting or class, and I don't have to waste time checking voicemail (which takes a LONG time). Unless you're writing a novel about txt msg use, for most things you would say by phone, a txt is usually easier & quicker. When it's not, at least you can txt "call me back about X".

Comment Re:Hunters.. (Score 1) 1010

Not really... if you want to use a car analogy it'd be more akin to:

We just need cars that don't need to be worked on by their owners, and mostly maintain themselves, as opposed to just keeping them from getting behind the wheel.

If someone doesn't know how to change their oil or the brakes, there's a shop for that. Same thing with computers, which is why the Geek Squad is so damn prevalent.

My mom is not tech savvy, she just wants to open up a computer, type in a recipe name or send out an email. She doesn't give a damn about being able to do the latest thing. She uses her iPod Touch as her main computing device, and can't wait to get an iPad...

Less work for me, she's happy, and she just plays App games instead of flash.

Comment Unlimited supply, arbitrary value, abuse (Score 2, Insightful) 184

What I've always wondered about relating to virtual property is how its value will is decided on a large scale, and the potential risks for abuse. Virtual property has these 2 issues:

1. Unlimited supply -> Basically anything with unlimited supply should be a price point close to 0. Assigning an arbitrary value goes against the basic rules of an economy, where demand here will not dictate price. In some economies like WoW's gold economy, there is the appearance of limited supply, and value was derived according to this supply. This is fine as long as no one acts in greed and abuses the system.

2. Which brings me to my 2nd issue, abuse. The WoW gold economy is only good until an admin gives himself millions and starts selling it, now it's in Blizzard's best interest not to let this happen, but eventually some virtual property owner will be greedy and game their own system for profit.

What has been done in the past, and what is planned for the future to overcome these 2 issues with virtual property?

Comment SOPCASTS are like "Live" Torrents (Score 1) 203

Google "SOPCAST" and "p2p tv" and you will find a significant number of sites that provide live p2p video streaming. Basically while you download from someone, you upload to someone else at the same time. This is widely used for sports matches and other tv that is better enjoyed live than with an old-school torrent.

Comment What's the solution? (Score 1) 328

What you're saying makes perfect sense, however if there is a demand for real information, odds are something will replace newspapers for investigative reporting.

There are currently some (albeit extreme) sites that could almost qualify as replacing newspapers, such as AlterNet which runs on a donation model. Although a lot of their content does point to other sites, they do write their own material.
Furthermore, don't underestimate the power of bloggers in today's society. For local investigative reporting, small-time bloggers could potentially take the place of newspapers.
Now, for large investigative journalism projects like war journalism, I can't think of an easy solution, but maybe someone can?

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