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Submission + - DOD blocks access to Guardian News Website. Reason: Prevent Viewing of NSA Leaks (

FearTheFez writes: Here we go again. Similar to the WikiLeaks response, the Department Of Defense has blocked access to the Guardian News website. An advisory put out to DOD employees and contractors gives instructions on how offending material may be “deleted by holding down the SHIFT key while pressing the DELETE key for Windows-based systems and clearing of all the internet browser cache.” US Army NETCOM spokesman Gordon Van Vleet confirmed that coverage of the NSA leaks is being "filtered" as a part of "network hygiene measures"

Somewhere in the Pentagon: "General, there is a Ms. Steisand for you on line 1"


Submission + - DNS Hijack Leads To Bitcoin Heist (

FearTheFez writes: Social Engineering and poor DNS Security lead to a Bitcoin heist worth about $12000. Bitcoin broker Bitinstant was robbed after thieves managed to take over ownership of their domains. While Bitinstant claims that no customers lost any money, without 2 factor authentication all it took was a place of birth and a mothers maiden name to gain access. This looks like poor security from everyone involved.

Comment Re:A good start (Score 2) 514

Well, as a Christian we have the concept of tithing (although that is more O.T. than N.T - so more of a guideline / suggestion than a "commandment"). If God thinks he can get by on just 10 percent, I think that all the federal, state, and local folks that are into my pocket for 50+ percent have got to be considered a bit greedy. Seriously it is getting to the point where I actually drag my butt out of bed every morning to go and pay the government more than I bring home to my family. All the lectures on top of that about how I am not paying my fair share by all these folks who want to do GREAT things with other peoples money get really old. Here is a radical idea. Have everyone pay a flat tax of 20 percent off the top with no deductions paid to the states who can "remit" a percentage of that to the feds for defense and other national programs. That does two things, it keeps the money a bit closer to home for better accountability and the more you make, the more you keep. Then limit the government to spending only 90 percent of what is brought in from last years collections and quit making promises to people that you know you are never going to keep just to buy their vote. I know, I know ...crazy talk.

Feed Google News Sci Tech: NASA Tracking Space Junk Ahead of Private Launch to Space Station - (

Zee News

NASA Tracking Space Junk Ahead of Private Launch to Space Station
by Tariq Malik, Managing Editor A piece of space junk that may buzz the International Space Station Monday has NASA weighing plans to move the orbiting lab, even as a private space capsule stands poised to launch toward the station on Sunday ...
Private space station delivery to launch SundayFox News
SpaceX Dragon capsule set to launch for ISS tomorrowSlashGear
SpaceX 'Dragon' Launch Set for SundayVoice of America (blog)
RIA Novosti-Los Angeles Times
all 574 news articles


Submission + - NASA Prepares for Space Surgery and Zero Gravity Blood

Hugh Pickens writes writes: "Draining an infected abscess is a straightforward procedure on Earth but on a spaceship travelling to the moon or Mars, it could kill everyone on board. Now Rebecca Rosen writes that if humans are to one day go to Mars, one logistical hurdle that will need to be overcome is what to do if one of the crew members has a medical emergency and needs surgery. "Based on statistical probability, there is a high likelihood of trauma or a medical emergency on a deep space mission," says Carnegie Mellon professor James Antaki. It's not just a matter of whether you'll have the expertise on board to carry out such a task: Surgery in zero gravity presents its own set of potentially deadly complications because in zero gravity, blood and bodily fluids will not just stay put, in the body where they belong but could contaminate the entire cabin, threatening everybody on board. This week, NASA is testing a device known as the Aqueous Immersion Surgical System (AISS) that could possibly make space surgery possible. Designed by researchers at Carnegie Mellon and the University of Louisville, AISS is a domed box that can fit over a wound. When filled with a sterile saline solution, a water-tight seal is created that prevents fluids from escaping. It can also be used to collect blood for possible reuse. "You won't have a blood bank in space," says James Burgess who came up with the concept for AISS, "so if there is bleeding you want to save as much blood as you can.""

Comment Re:Why does it have to be "marriage"? (Score 1) 804

I'm all for gay couples having the same kinds of rights as straight couples, but I don't understand why they have to use the term marriage. There are all kinds of examples where very similar products can only be called by a certain name under certain conditions...champagne versus sparkling wine is a good example. Why can't they keep marriage as referring to a man and a woman, like hundreds of years of tradition, and simply have a legally identical "civil union" or some other name? I don't see why they need to debase the term marriage to achieve their ends.

Great idea, but why stop there. I "get it" that there needs to be a way to assign legal rights. While I am on the lunatic right wing fringe that gets setup like a strawman around here so often, I take commitment seriously. The majority of the posters around here do not share my religious beliefs - no problem there, so why can't EVERYONE have a civil union? If I can get the "civil union" license then have my "marriage ceremony" that has additional religious significance to me..great! If you don't share my beliefs, you go get your "civil union" license so we are both equal under the law then go knock yourself out with something that is significant to you. I don't object to the equal rights part, I DO object to taking my "marriage" ceremony and trying to change the definition. Yes honey, I will take out the trash as soon as I get this posted.....


Submission + - Review: Windows Server 2012 (

snydeq writes: "InfoWorld's Oliver Rist provides an in-depth review of Windows Server 2012, finding it leaves 'no server role unturned.' The review includes a look at changes to Server Manager and Hyper-V, as well as Windows Server 2012's private cloud capabilities and improved support for roll-your-own storage systems. 'But if you're one of the spear-waving anti-Metro tribesmen, relax. Remember that you can always turn Metro off. Indeed, Microsoft is pushing harder for a GUI-less install than a Metro-based screen. You'll find Server Core has been fleshed out with new depth and ease-of-use features, many related to the evolving PowerShell scripting language. PowerShell, by the way, is practically mandatory for Windows Server administrators going forward and well worth an in-depth look with another reported 2,000-plus commandlets added in this release --10 times the number released with Windows Server 2008.'"

Submission + - Virgin is Bringing Us Closer to Frequent Astronaut Miles (

pigrabbitbear writes: "Sir Richard Branson has some tricks up his sleeves: The man behind Virgin-everything is set to announce new designs to reshape the economy of commercial space transport.

Galactic’s mission, like many of Branson’s Virgin sisters, is offering discounts and upping access to the public. With a host of international booking agents, it’s clear that they’re damn serious about this, and prepared to find the type of reservation that’s right for you. With Virgin’s history of success, I’d expect that in 2013 the private passengers Branson plans on sending aboard Virgin’s SS2 will be looking down on the Mars-One camera crew calibrating white balances and holding reflectors in a desert."

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