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Comment Re:bah (Score 1) 261

Exactly what this guy said. Stop trying to get people to stay at the office all the time. If you want to give someone a bonus, give him money or free days. I for one don't give a rats ass about free snacks, free lunch, free coffe, nor afteroffices. I want freedom. No phone calls when I'm out of work, no absurd schedules, no constant priority changing, nor that ridiculous expetation to "multitask". Today's fashion is to want everything faster and try to keep people at the office for as long as possible. FUCK THAT. I'm no teenager, I know better.

Submission + - Microsoft details how .Net split to .Net Core and .Net Framework

I will be back writes: Immo Landwerth added few more detail on the Open Source .Net Core. Using recipes from mono cookbook .Net Core was built modular as unified Base Class Library (BCL), so you can install only necessary packages of Core and ship it with application using NuGet. So NuGet becomes the first class citizen and the default tool to deliver .Net Core packages.
As smaller and cross-platform subset of .Net Framework it will have it's own updated schedule and will be updated few times a year, where .Net will be updated once a year. At a time of release of .Net 4.6, Core will be a clear subset of .Net Framework. With future iterations it will be ahead of .Net Framework and some features of new versions on .Net Core will not be available in current .Net Framework but will be synchronized on a next release.

The .NET Core platform is a new .NET stack that is optimized for open source development and agile delivery on NuGet. We’re working with the Mono community to make it great on Windows, Linux and Mac, and Microsoft will support it on all three platforms.

Submission + - Trains may soon come equipped with debris-zapping lasers (

Molly McHugh writes: Holland's chief transportation service is testing a unique new way to clear the rails of fallen leaves and other small debris: by mounting lasers on the fronts of locomotives. The lasers will cause the leaves, which produce a condition commonly referred to as "slippery rail" in the fall and winter months, to vanish in a puff of air.

Submission + - Turning a Rasberry Pi into a Tor Gateway with Sphirewall (

mshindo writes: Sphirewall now has support for Tor as a transparent gateway, easily providing a transparent anonymizer service for any network client. It also works on the Pi, effectively turning a Raspberry Pi into a transparent Tor gateway in a few clicks.

Submission + - A second act for the Wooly Mammoth?

Clark Schultz writes: The premise behind Jurassic Park just got a bit realer after scientists in South Korea said they are optimistic they can extract enough DNA from the blood of a preserved wooly mammoth to clone the long-extinct mammal. The ice-wrapped wooly mammoth was found last year on an island off of Siberia. The development is being closely-watched by the scientific community with opinion sharply divided on the ethics of the project.

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