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Comment Missing the point (Score 1) 335

What nobody in the free world realizes is that this has nothing to do with violent videogames or protecting children. This is all about controlling all means of information and outside influences. It's just one of the many steps the Venezuelan government is using to control the way the Venezuelan people think. I know it sounds like something out of 1984; but as someone who was born in Cuba and then lived in Venezuela, I assure you, this is simply one more way of indoctrinating people from a young age.

Comment You are welcome Google (Score 1) 636

The solution is simple. Google should provide the OS upgrades on their website and make the OS upgradable (Not necessarily rooted, just allow end users to upgrade themselves) Obviously some devices can't handle 2.0 and 2.1 and this will continue to be the case in the future, but Google should have a page with system upgrades and leave it up to the user to decide whether their device can handle it or not. When you buy an HP/Dell/Gateway/MSI/Asus/Lenovo/Apple computer you don't wait for the manufacturer to upgrade your operating system every time a new version comes out; you either download the upgrade through Windows Update or purchase the upgrade in the case of Macs. Why can't they just do this for smartphones? They are computers anyway!

Comment Google needs to work closer with carriers (Score 2, Interesting) 568

I got a G1 on launch day, I've been a T-Mobile customer for over 7 years now; however I called T-Mobile to see if they could upgrade my dated G1 to a Nexus One (I'm not due for an upgrade until the end of July, but T-Mobile is famous for cutting loyal customers a break when it comes to that) and they said that unfortunately the phone is being sold through Google and it's out of their hands. I was pretty psyched about getting one, but there is no way I'm paying $530 for a phone; bottom line, right now I'm an unhappy Android User, Google Customer, T-Mobile Customer, and geek. Instead I could have been $180 lighter and happy on all counts. I guess I'm skipping the Nexus One and upgrading to whatever the next "must-have" is later in the year.

Comment Re:I am so happy to see you modding losers go away (Score 0, Troll) 254

How are people with pirated games not "real" players not playing fair? Granted, they didn't pay for the game; but that really doesn't affect you in the minnimum seeing as those pirated games don't have built-in cheats and play by the exact same rules you play by. Furthermore, they pay for XBox Live just like you do, just not for the games.

Comment Google is the new Microsoft, but Apple is the same (Score 1) 211

Once again, Apple shoots itself in the foot with their closed architecture and rigurous standards. With Tegra and Snapdragon coming to Android devices Apple is going to lose the hardware edge it has right now on Android devices and be left with no edge other than the "cool" factor; I'm not claiming the iPhone is going down in flames, it'll still do well. However, in terms of market share it will definitely go down to 3rd or 4th place in the market. I'm not an Apple hater, their products are solid, albeit overpriced. I am a proud Android user, I had the choice between the two devices and I went with a G1 over an iPhone because I saw its potential to become the top dog in the mobile market. Is Apple wrong to stick to its mentality? I wouldn't say that necessarily, they've enjoyed the No. 2 spot and laughed themselves to the bank every year while enjoying consumer popularity as opposed to the usual Microsoft hatefest.

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