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Comment Re:So what if only a minority find it useful? (Score 2) 168

False comparison. If there were a hundred idiots standing around the crosswalk making noise with their kazoos, then the signal would pretty much be useless for the blind, and could be turned off.
That is how quite a number of discussion boards are today.
I have not used the imdb message boards, but a quick sample of comments there unfortunately confirmed that most of it is negative noise. Little of value will be lost.

Comment That depends... (Score 1) 177

...on how you rate the innovations from the various eras.
The development from mass starvation to beinga ble to feed the polulation is obviously more important to most people than the iPhone.
So the question cannot really be answered, as each era haas had its innovations which were really important at the time, while may seem trivial now.
It is also important to note that most innovations depend on previous innovations, so you rate one innovation without knowing what it is based on.

Comment Re:the kindles biggest competition (Score 2) 88

> Whats the total life of a kindle? Do they trade them in/up? can you swap the battery like a smoke detector?

I have a Kindle which is close to 10 years. No problems with the battery. And as the Kindle cost less than a decent bookshelf (and a fraction of a decent phone or tablet), what is the problem?

And, btw, how many free books can you pick up in physical format? There are literally thousands of classical books out there at no cost in electronic format.

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