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Comment Will P2P Grow? (Score 1) 410

If net-priority-purchases becomes the norm for web app access and the comcasts of the world 'downgrade' everyone else, what is a small startup to do? They can purchase lane space by piggybacking on expensive Google priority lanes, or they will be left to being slow and unresponsive in the consumer eye. My guess is P2P will become more relevant at this stage. People will download and install apps that will serve from decentralized nodes as the only way to get around the money hording behemoth ISPs. But, even this road will be hard to maintain without a real net neutrality law.

Comment The Plugin Plug Challenge, Street Parkers (Score 2, Insightful) 327

The challenge is bringing the ability to self-charge vehicles to more people.

Apartment people are not going to be able to charge their own electric car anytime soon, so they are out of the self-charge market (they’ll have to go to a station). At least until there is some portable battery pack...

Few people in America have Garages to charge their electric cars.

More have Street parking in front of their townhouse or single family house.

Target market=In front of your home street parkers.

There are two hurdles in this market
1. Biggest=Legislation. Allowing homeowners to install a plug near the curb (like a parking meter, but less obvious: could even be delivered via the route in the existing gutter drain from the house).

2. Technical Challenge=Developing a fully waterproof (top to bottom) electrical cord, that requires a key or combo to unlock it, and installed on a retractable coil. This is where potential $millions await.

Of course we cannot forget the unmentioned challenge = fighting for that exact public space to do the charge.

Submission + - Atom Smasher Exposes Hole in Earth’s Defense (

FathomIT writes: Businessweek's Kevin Hassett comments on the unregulated process of defining international safety standards for scientific experiments. He describes the potential disasters that CERN's LHC particle collier could cause that are still under debate and that are far removed from independent safety review.

Comment Vitual Items Could Be Claimed (Score 1) 145

Wow. When you think about it the same could apply to virtual items in different online game worlds. For example there are many video games that have items to buy and sell for real money. So same rules would apply for unused accounts and the $ items that exist within them. The state could sell the items online if not claimed.

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