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Comment Ayn Rand was right! (Score 1) 738

And soon, every consumer will be tied to their iDevice. The world will forget how to create new, more powerful and robust devices, simply scriptkiddying together the same old apps. And finally, after many years, the app store servers will fail, forcing every human to no longer have communication with the rest of the world as the security on the iDevices will no longer be able to authenticate the users. It won't be Atlas who shrugs, it'll be Apple.

Comment Re:Geek jokes are allowed, harassment is not (Score 3, Interesting) 1127

This is pretty much how everywhere I've worked has worked, at least among IT staff. The sales reps are a different story, but we like to see ourselves a bit better than they are. Although I've never had that strict of a dress code(individual choice, business casual for the most part), we've never really had many problems.
Then again, I've never really worked with anyone(male or female) who doesn't appreciate a good joke, and isn't more than willing to make it known if the joke goes too far.

Personal relationship discussions tend to go on pretty often, however, but the managerial style at my current job is more team-oriented than leader-flunkie oriented. They just have to be limited to SFW topics.

Comment Re:Windows 8 is not a catastrophe.... (Score 1) 880

K&M all the way. Actually, use a Nostromu n52 and mouse, and all your problems tend to go away. Too many controls for the buttons? Use less. Add 'alt' keys. Completely program your entire 'keyboard' half of the interface, and on top of that, a really, REALLY comfortable place to rest your hand while you're winning.

There's a reason that cross-platform FPS never works. Console gamers just can't win against pc gamers, due mostly to the problem of the joysticks. Unless there's some sort of 'aiming help' that's only for the console gamers, which then just makes the pc gamers not bother playing after a while.

Comment Re:Windows 8 is not a catastrophe.... (Score 1) 880

Windows 95-98 were only good if you ditched the 'explorer' gui with a registry hack, and re enabled progman as your gui(or litestep, which I used for quite some time).
explorer.exe leaked ram. Probably still does, but with the simply ridiculous amounts of RAM in modern systems, nobody notices anymore.

Comment Re:First my beloved Viper fighter, now this (Score 1) 820

Also, I should point out, that article is missing some important factors. My reference to Switzerland is because technically, the male population are militia, and those specific guns they're issued are government, not civilian.
Many countries are missing from that list, also. For one thing, there's no UK. Also, I'll fully admit that some of my data was from a while ago, so it may have changed in recent years.

Comment Re:First my beloved Viper fighter, now this (Score 1) 820

Really. Why do we always have to come back to uninformed people who, instead of actually finding real statistic and numbers, simply make an emotional decision on what's "right" and ignore the facts. UK has extremely strict gun laws. More per capita gun crime. Switzerland also has strict gun laws. Meaning that every citizen MUST own a gun, and keep it at their home. Nearly no crime.

Two cities in Illinois:
Morton Grove banned handguns except for police. Kennesaw passed a law requiring each head of household to own and maintain a gun. 25 years later(a few years ago), in total: Morton Grove's crime rate increased over 15%, while it's population decreased. Kennesaw's crime rate plummeted by over 50%, while it's population skyrocketed by about 500%.

lrn2resarch, sweetheart, instead of just making a decision and trying to justify it later.

Comment Re:Not me! (Score 1) 525

Well, I wouldn't count the cost of tools as part of the cost of your one bookshelf. Odds are, you'll make more stuff, later, with them. And if you don't, at least you can sell them off later and recoup some. Personally, I have a many better tools than a circular saw to work with, but I figured that most people have one, or have someone they can borrow one from.
And to be clear, i wasn't trying to compare the DIY to a master craftsman, i was comparing it to ikea. 20$ for something that looks like crap, and will sag and collapse if you were to do something stupid with it like, say store books on it... I've had my experiences with flat pack stuff, and I've decided it's pretty much the worst thing ever.
I'm not saying EVERYONE can do it. I'm not telling anyone to even try it. I'm just saying that it's perfectly possible to build something better than a flat pack, without spending hundreds of dollars. Heck, dig through the scrap lumber and you might get lucky.

Comment Re:Not me! (Score 1) 525

Skills: Using a circular saw, rubbing with sandpaper, staining, measuring.
Materials: Wood, stain, wood glue, self tapping wood screws.
Time: A few hours if you're good. A day or two if you're learning.
Tools: Circular saw, tape measure, pencil, sandpaper, drill. Dremel/jigsaw/etc if needed for design.
1. Design bookcase(or steal a design. Whatever).
2. Measure and mark wood for correct sizes.
3. Using scrap wood as brace, cut wood leaving a small amount of extra at all cuts. Collect sawdust for later.
4. Make wood fit. Sand/recut as needed downwards(hence extra 1/4" or so).
5. Glue wood together into correct shape.
6. Screw wood together through glue. Make screws 'deeper' than wood around them.
7. Mix sawdust with glue, coat tops of screws.
8. Sand everything down, make smooth.
9. Stain.
It's not that hard. I have quite a bit of home made furniture. It's not as perfect as a master craftsman would make, but it's miles beyond any flat-pack crap. In the past, flat pack has been only for use because I NEED something NOW, and don't have time to make it myself... and even then, I'll replace it quickly since it'll probably just break soon. Oh, and the sum total 'training' I've had was a single 6 week middle school shop class, and just working stuff out on my own.

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