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Comment Subsidized OS / Device? (Score 1) 342

Guess I am not seeing the issue here.

If a company wanted to offer an 'advertising subsidized' device or OS and wanted to ensure that you watched the ads you agreed to when you agreed to the free / discounted device terms, this would be the way to do it.

This patent sounds like it would be used in such a device and not randomly inserted in to your normal OS installs.

If you could get an Apple product at a greatly reduced rate by watching a 30 second ad each time you boot it, would you agree to such a thing? Even if you wouldn't use it, would you be against others having that option? If you think having a subsidized device would be a good option for anyone, why would you be against Apple being to enfore the terms that were agreed upon?

Comment Re:If handled properly.. (Score 1) 304

Why should comcast have to send someone to clean your pc because you are an idiot?

The way we used to do it was that if someone was identified as being infected, they were shoved in to a wall garden. the walled garden showed them whay they were in the walled garden and how to resolve the issue. They didn't get out of the walled garden until they cleaned the PC.

Comment I didn't know that IT was glorious. (Score 3, Interesting) 623

You are always in the background of any project. It's assumed you can do whatever it is they want you to do, even if it has never been done before. They will want it 6 weeks earlier than you can deliver it and 50% cheaper than you can buy it for. You are supposed to be invisible. No one thinks about how much work you have to put in to something in order to keep it up and running in a production environment. If the service fails at 3 am on a Sunday, every minute of your time will be tracked until the service is restored and you will be told how efficient you aren't and what you should try to do better next time. When the kudos are given at the next company meeting and everyone talks about all of the great things they have accomplished this year, your name is never mentioned unless you count the "Oh, and thanks to IT who.. does what they do!" mention from the CEO.

You're the plumber. You're the TV Repair man. You're the phone guy. They only know your name when something has gone wrong and they think you can fix it. They only think you can fix it because they are fairly sure you, or someone like you, broke it to begin with.

Welcome to I.T.

Comment Re:I agree with the feds on this one (Score 1) 335

So you wouldn't mind that your neighbor broke your encryption and is recording all of your cell phone calls? Or if the police did it. It should never be a crime. Never ever. Ever.

And I'm sure you weren't one of the ones complaining about ISP's using DPI to identify the contents of the encrypted packets you are sending in to their network and then turning that information over to the RIAA / FBI etc.

I'm surprised to see such an open minded person on /. Usually they are all about taking a specfic situation and twisting it to their own needs, then taking the completely opposite stance when it doesn;t help them.

I tip my hat to you.

Comment The good old days.. (Score 1) 1

When everquest was first released, the initial game and the first expansion were incredible.. for their time. In this case, I'm afraid you can never home. I'm all for Sony giving a special rules server that meets this criteria, and I hope it's all you remember it to be. Unfortunately, I don't think that is going to be the case. I hope you don't end up ruining the fond memories you have.

Good Luck!

Comment Re:These people deserved to be crushed by WoW (Score 3, Interesting) 173

In Everquest, experience potions already exist and are on occasion available from mobs, quests, and the trading card game as a loot item.

There is also a veteran reward available that allows you to get double experience for 30 minutes, once a day. It's commonly called the death buff. It seems whenever you use it, you die.

In any case, they are not introducing anything that is not available already in the game. Fancy graphics and pets and 1 charge potions.

I don't see it as a big deal. I've played EQ since beta (98) and this doesn't bother me at all.

Wireless Networking

Submission + - FCC 700MHZ Auction - More of the same?

Fatal67 writes: "

According to the FCC, AT&T and Verizon were the big winners in this auction. Smaller players did manage to grab some of the regional licenses, but it was Verizon that won the C Block. Even with Verizon's recent change of heart regarding open access, many people will be disappointed that Google or another player was not the big winner. Is this just more of the same or will the requirements attached to the C block mean a brighter future for us, the users?"

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