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Submission + - How to Succeed as an Introvert (

Esther Schindler writes: "Extroverts love, and get, attention. But organizations miss out when they fail to cultivate the contributions of introverts, too. Susan Cain, author of Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can't Stop Talking, uncovers why, and finds ways for “quiet geniuses” to thrive. Elana Varon interviews Cain in How to Succeed as an Introvert, and asks good questions that apply to a lot of geeks in IT. (We aren't exactly known for being extroverts, are we?)"

Journal Journal: Why the Gnome 3 hate? 2

One thing I don't get about various posters is the Gnome 3 hate. On the one hand people scream that desktops are just ripping off other well-known UIs and that there is no innovation and that's just tragic. On the other hand, people (hopefully different ones) scream whenever anything changes.

I recently switched my linux notebook from debian to fedora 16, for several reasons:

Comment Re:The problem is the lectures, not the laptops. (Score 2) 134

Seems to me like the solution is very simple not just for lectures but for a lot of business presentations.

Just record it on video and share the link so the person can listen to it when it's convenient to them and when they are most receptive to the material. Comments/questions can be left in a social tool or simply by email. FAQ could be posted x days after the video is released.

I used to be part of a really big international company who would do live presentation at the main site and expect other sites to either join in live via web video or simply watch the video later. A social tools was implemented to discuss the presentation among employees and this included answers to questions that came after the video was posted; out of the real time presentation.

Comment Re:Are people really that stupid? (Score 1) 433

That is why all carriers REQUIRE a data plan for those who buy a smartphone

Only in the USA my friend. My wife has been using a smartphone for a few years now and just recently got a minimal data plan. With Fido/Rogers in Canada you can simply choose to not have data at all; it just won't work and they won't charge you for it. Now we have movies to an iPhone and a minimal 100MB data plan which is enough for her to check her email and sometimes do searches on google/gps app. For everything else she is at home or work with wifi.

I myself have a 6GB plan with my employer and I just can't find a way to waste more than 500mb/month. Even watching netflix on the bus I am no sure I could reach 6GB.

Comment system=all components+OS (Score 1) 501

I've had quite a few desktops and laptops in my life. After a while I decided that building my own desktop only led to problems from specific incompatibilities. Most software is going to be tested on a well sold Dell model.
I don't know about build quality of the exact specs on every component but I know this:
My Toshiba laptop's screen was dead after 1 year. Most other workers who had one also died within 2 years.
My Dell's screen was OK but the sound card was terrible; you could hear the HD spinning. Also I really hated XP vs OSX
I currently have another Dell which has OK screen and sound but all colors on the screen are very cold vs normal LCD. Works pretty well with Windows 7.
As for my own money. I have a 4 year old Mac mini who is now a DLNA server for my PS3 and iTunes server also. Works amazingly well and dead silent.
I have a macbook pro and so does my wife. They work perfectly and have great screens and soundcards.
I also use an iPhone 3GS which work well enough that I don't want a 4. My kids watch movies on netflix ipod touch.

My experience with Toshiba,Dell and Apple products tell me one thing. Buy Apple again. the margin might be thinner now that windows 7 is here because it is pretty good. I would say that a current Dell with a good LCD panel with good colors and windows 7 would probably do the job just as well.

Then there are the little things like time machine. configure it once on the wife's computer and never worry again about forgetting to click on the backup icon.


Doctors Save Premature Baby Using Sandwich Bag 246

Born 14 weeks early, Lexi Lacey owes her life to some MacGyver inspired doctors and a sandwich bag. Lexi was so small at birth that even the tiniest insulating jacket was too big, but she fit into a plastic sandwich bag nicely. ''The doctors told us they had never known a baby born as prematurely as Lexi survive. She was so tiny the only thing they had to keep her body temperature warm was a sandwich bag from the hospital canteen — it's incredible to think that saved her life," says her mom.

Comment How is NSFW worse than something else? (Score 3, Insightful) 230

How does your morals matter?

How is someone looking at NSFW content worse than someone reading /. ? Does it somehow mean that the person is working even less because it's also amoral to you?
Maybe ./ is not so bad because to many of us it can be work related at least a little. But my argument still stands. Either you are allowed to browse the 'net for non-strictly work content or not, content should not matter.

Comment Anyone could do that years ago. (Score 1) 126

1- Buy an unlocked Nokia S60 phone such as the relatively cheap E71.. not the locked E71x
2- Get a SIM with data plan on a GSM carrier.. let's say AT&T
3- Buy joikuspot for 9euro and you can turn your phone into a wifi hotspot.. it also works as a phone at the same time. Really.. you can talk on the phone while browsing on the web via wifi. It does eat the battery really quick so you will want to plug the phone into the charger

I have been doing this in the car so that my passengers can use their laptops/ipods/psp/whatever and it works great

Comment I don't understand what is what in American (Score 1) 961


Is there a direct link between liberal/conservative and democrat/republican? Even more annoying is that in Canada we do have political parties that are called Liberals and Conservatives but I'm guessing they don't mean the same thing.

My gut feeling is that the conservatives are the republicans and those most likely to be pro-corporation and use religion heavily in their platform. So the liberals would be the democrats???

Am I even close?

Comment Makes sense but I want to rent episodes (Score 1) 370

Most shows I only watch once so I'd rather pay a smaller fee for a rental of the episode and just watch it once.

What I currently is to download the first 2-3 episodes of a show on torrents and then buy the DVD season if I like it. It would be cheaper for me to be able to rent by episode and I would still get to watch them without ads at whenever I want on whatever device I want.

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