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Submission + - Someday, you'll hate Apple (and Google too) (itworld.com) 3

jfruhlinger writes: "Think today's world, where Apple is the innovative underdog, Google the company that isn't evil, and Microsoft the evil empire, will last forever? Ah, you must not remember the days when everybody loved that scrappy upstate Bill Gates. Don Reisinger muses on the fickleness of consumer loves and hates."

Submission + - Early Blu-ray adopters will get left behind

Dave writes: A lot of people are cheering the seeming end of the high definition disc format war. However, some of those cheering might not realize the full implication of Blu-ray "winning" the battle. Unlike HD-DVD which required things like local storage and secondary video and audio decoders the Blu-ray group didn't to keep costs down. Most of the differences between the Blu-ray profiles require hardware changes so older stand alone players will not be able to be upgraded. So many early adopters that paid a premium for high definition content and next generation bonus features will be stuck with having to fork out for a new player if they want access to these features. To make consumers aware the Blu-ray group will label discs that support the newer profiles, but as with most tech issue in the consumer market there will no doubt be confusion and misinformation aplenty. The folks over at Betanews go into a little more detail.

Comment Or better yet...don't win at everything! (Score 1) 178

I'd like to see MS just make software. Strong, reliable OS's and apps' that run well on all PC's and function well with legacy apps. OK, now stop your chortling. Instead, MS focuses on trying to win at everything, and they usually start out WAY behind. The two most glaring examples that come to mind are IE (back when Netscape had already established itself as THE leader) and Zune, when the IPod had already totally OWNED the portable music player market. I'm sure there are others, but that's what comes to mind ATM. I'd like to see MS stop trying to win EVERY race, and just focus on the one's it know's already.

Paul Allen's Microsoft Experience 515

theodp writes "Just in case Microsoft bashers don't have enough ammo, Robert X. Cringely has a couple of interesting tales in this week's column. The first explains how Bill Gates used Paul Allen's moonlighting at MITS to justify awarding himself 64% of Microsoft's stock vs. Allen's 36% (and Gates' failure to adjust the shares after he accepted a $10/hour part-time MITS job). The second heart-warming tale concerns a conversation Allen reportedly overheard late one night (as he was finishing up DOS 2.0) between Gates and Steve Ballmer discussing how to get Allen's Microsoft stock back if the Hodgkins disease Allen was battling killed him. Yikes."

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