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Submission + - SPAM: Shoes for crews

Fariha writes: "If you have never had a fall while at work then you cannot understand what "all the hullabaloo' about the just released 'Slip-Resistant Shoes For Crews" is all about. Not to worry, because you are just about to be educated — for free, I might add! Recent studies have revealed that close to forty percent of the injuries incurred by crew members while at work or as a result of slipping and/or falling."
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Submission + - Could you see this

Fariha writes: "When you think of a type of porous leather that is favored for its gentle non-abrasive composition and abortion properties you think of a shammy. When you hear shammy, it’s safe to say you imagine an oversized cloth used for absorption of water; perhaps With a small, convenient package Uncle Shammy can be at your side everywhere you go. Keep your cloth clean with this re-sealable package in your pocket, purse, man bag or diaper bag! Uncle Shammy can be used dry or damp without the need for cleaning"

Comment What the news!!!!! (Score 1) 88

What the news also isn't reporting, is that because of this flooding, there is all sorts of hazardous medical waste floating in the water underneath/in NYU medical center. I would expect this to become a problem; there are millions of gallons of water which likely cannot simply be pumped out into drainage systems, and may have to be treated first, or removed for treatment at a later time. Is it? Or not?

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