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Comment Re:So that's, what (Score 1) 114

Good grief, is there really anyone really that bad at grade school math on this science-based web page? $17,000,000 divided by 5,500 is $3,090.91. Thousands, not millions. Geeeezzzz...

Good grief, is there really anyone really that bad at grade school reading on this science-based web page? The summary says $17 billion. Therefore it would be millions, not thousands, per employee. Idiot.

He was quoting the figure used by El Cubano in the following paragraph :

$17,000,000 annually divided by 5,500 employees is over $3,000,000 per employee per annum of economic impact. If that's what it means to be a loser, then please sign me up! I'll talk to my city council and I am relatively certain I can get them on board.

Comment Re: Truly despicable (Score 2) 359

Bradford is not 100% Muslim, nor is it even close to that. I actually live in Bradford, I do not need to read up on the subject to know that you are wrong on your points about unlimited immigration and Bradford's population. It should also be noted that Bradford is a city, and not a town.

Comment Re:As it's been said... (Score 1) 621

Their gov't seem intent on giving democracy a bad name. First the single-vote referendum requiring only simple majority, and now this move to cage the country into that fateful vote.

I don't blame the EU for wanting to be rid of them quickly. Bad faith and arrogance are toxic to everyone involved.

If the Government would have used the petition to overcome the referendum result, then that would have been a case of "giving democracy a bad name".

Just for the record, I voted to remain and yet I was against the intent of the petition, and that is because :

1. I believe that conditions for a referendum result to be deemed a valid; need to be set before the referendum is held.
2. I believe in democracy.

Comment Re:11 rear enders (Score 1) 549

Twice, I have been at a red light turning right, started to go and stopped, (having seen vehicles coming too quickly for me to pull out safely) and been rear ended by people who thought I was going. Clearly I was not at fault but that start-stop action was definitely a factor.

Frankly, it sounds like US drivers are just fucking terrible. I guess it's because you have very lax driving tests and never ban anyone from driving (in any kind of serious way), but I've NEVER been rear-ended in the UK because of something like that. People just fucking well pay attention.


As a motorcyclist in the UK, I really wish your post was accurate, but it isn't. I have had way too many close calls because people, mostly car drivers, fail to pay sufficient attention to what is happening around them, or even worse are distracted by using their mobiles when driving. I always ride my bike defensively, I ride with the expectation that the other road users are not paying attention.

Comment Re:Simple answer (Score 1) 942

Actually, in the UK, it has become common to refer to the temperature in Fahrenheit when talking about warm days, and centigrade when talking about cold days.

The large number gap in the middle means it is easy to refer to a temperature and know if it is hot or cold. It's like they measure two different things - hotness or coldness.


Except amongst older people, it is common to use Celsius..

Comment Requires a definition for Toys (Score 1) 209

One person's Toys may be another person's hobby equipment.

I have no toys from my childhood, but I do have a fair amount of hobby equipment, A couple of decades ago I used to juggle fairly seriously, so even though I stopped practising over 15 years ago I still have some juggling clubs, balls, rings and knives around the place. I also have 6 guitars, a ukulele, and a mandolin. So are they toys? Not to me.


Hulu Blocks VPN Users 259

New submitter electronic convict writes: "Hulu, apparently worried that too many non-U.S. residents are using cheap VPN services to watch its U.S. programming, has started blocking IP address ranges belonging to known VPN services. Hulu didn't announce the ban, but users of the affected VPNs are getting this message: 'Based on your IP-address, we noticed that you are trying to access Hulu through an anonymous proxy tool. Hulu is not currently available outside the U.S. If you're in the U.S. you'll need to disable your anonymizer to access videos on Hulu.' Hulu may make Hollywood happy by temporarily locking out foreign users — at least until they find new VPN providers. But in so doing it's now forcing its U.S. customers to sacrifice their privacy and even to risk insecure connections. Hulu hasn't even implemented SSL on its site."

Comment Re:Double bind (Score 1) 1431

The local reports state that the movie hadn't even started yet when this happened.

They also say that it was in the middle of the previews, and that the shooter was a 71 year old man who was physically assaulted by the texter after the 71 year old had reported the texter to the theater management. If something were escalating to a physical altercation with someone 30 years younger than you, and you were a little old guy with a gun, would you take the beating, or would you shoot?

Interesting, that does not tally with the following, which I presume is from the same witness :

In that he states he did not see who through the popcorn.

Comment Re:Its counter productive (Score 2, Interesting) 934

Another study just came out showing that increased gun ownership actually lowers the murder rate and lower gun ownership does the opposite. We have multiple points of confirmation and there are a few skeptical politicians that are starting to come around.

The old truism is confirmed. Outlaw guns and only the outlaws will have them.

Does Chicago have a violence problem? Yes. Gun bans are not the solution.

What study? Can you please provide a link to it.

Comment Re:Only moose and squirrel have them (Score 2) 220

Saddam considered the Iranians to be a strategic threat to Iraq and discounted the possibility that the West & UN would act against him in a forceful manner. As a result Saddam had his government continue to act as if they still had WMDs to fool the Iranians after they had secretly disposed of their VX nerve gas after previous fooling the inspectors. (It sounds stupid, but that was Saddam.) Saddam's strategic deception was such a success that he was invaded for it.

That was not the reason for the invasion, it was a political decision, that was merely the excuse for the decision. That is all beside the point, I was referring to the report that the UK Government revealed to the Members of Parliament and the UK people to justify the war, all the cautions that the security services had about the evidence were removed. Alistair Cambell, Tony Blair's spin doctor was heavily involved in that process, despite having no knowledge of either the security services or WMD.

If it makes you feel any better, there were unfilled chemical warheads found for Iraq's long range missiles. With a native chemical industry that had previous experience making chemical agents they could have been filled in the future. The disarmament agencies also recovered a number of anthrax bombs. I'm sure there is more. And the other causes of action were still true, such as the massacres of the Kurds - a crime against humanity, and Iraq's support for terrorism.

Yes, the remnants of Chemical weapons were found, all of which dates from the 80's and early 90's, and all of which tallied with the UN Inspectors reports about them decommissioned in the mid 90's (from memory I see to recall 1995). am aware of the Anfal pogroms, then again I was aware of them in the late 1980's, but as prior to the invasion of Kuwait, Saddam was the West's "friend" in the region, that was ignored by the Western governments, as were the reports that he used chemical weapons against the Iranians during the Iran Iraq war.

Comment Re:Only moose and squirrel have them (Score 3, Insightful) 220

If only there was proof. At this point the British believe that the Chinese, the Russians, or both, have copies of all the documents that Snowden took.


Who believes that? The security services or the Politicians? I cannot help but remember that prior to the Iraq war the UK's security services produced reports on WMD in Iraq that were full of cautions about the evidence, these cautions were subsequently removed as the report was doctored, or "firmed up" as it was referred to, when the Politicians and their advisor's got involved when trying to make a case for war,

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