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Comment Re:Basic income (Score 1) 594

UBI tests so far have found that most people working kept working, and the "indulging" was families being social, spouses becoming housewives/spouses, one parent at home with kids, ect. These aren't conclusive signs of long-term UBIs, of course.

I do actually anticipate rising costs alongside any UBI. Pretty much every job out there is an upwards cash vector, pretty much all your money goes back to the 1%, not your fellow John Does. Bills, car, mortage, insurance, services - how much goes to your neighbor? Anything taxed out will just promptly reconcentrate.

The UBI proles will have enough for gray, colorless uniforms, for corn and soy cubes, for living in terrafoam. The world already revolves heavily around the race to the bottom, and we're going to take the absolute bedrock and subsidize it. If you want even the slightest luxury, if you want to eat a piece of fruit that grew out of state, you'll need one of the few jobs left. Musician, poet, literal cock-sucker, one of the few slots we haven't automated. Yet. The equivalent of Prolekistan's trivial level of tourism, the rounding-error trickle of GDP that remains after their only export, labor, evaporates.

Unless you think we'll need billions of robot repairmen. Prolekistan should be fine, in that case. Otherwise, well, we all know what happens to countries with no exports.

Comment Re:Doesn't work! (Score 1) 133

I thought it was stranger s/he's making a 400mile road trip across states on an every-week basis. Willfully. Whatever the scenario, it's hardly one I'd inflict on myself.

Using it as a vague yet fact-consistent length of measurement rather than something you're able to pedant.

Using pedant as a verb, DWI.

Comment Re:Men, don't press the button marked "ATR" (Score 1) 187

You're right, it was dull, predictable, expected, common concepts you see frequently when everyone knows that humor is built on juxtaposition, shock, novelty, by prompting a unexpected and foreign conception in the mind, ideally disruptive.

Or maybe this is all just my opinion and I shouldn't state this stuff like it's fact, right?

Comment Re:If you work at Verizon customer service (Score 1) 139

They must have a machine on the front line. As ghastly as the idea of an army of proles in the trenches may be for first contact, the real reason they'll (probably) be shielded is that automation is cheaper. They'll put a message up front meant to hopefully process generic scenarios fully or partially.

The work is dead. The automation is the work. Long live the work.

Comment Re:All your jobs are...belong to us! (Score 1) 127

They'll start with the low hanging fruit. Driving industry is looking juicy.

> People seem to think that their job is somehow special, that they can never be replaced by a machine.
I figure mine will last me a couple decades. Enough. I'll make it.

Our grandkids are fucked.

Here's Billy Brown. He's heard that everyone needs to be in the top 10% of the educated (does ANYONE see the bad math?) and needs to find a way to pay for hyperinflated education costs for his niche, specialized, exclusive skill that's still human "work". He's heard he desperately needs to avoid the predatory loan system, or he's just as fucked. Fortunately, Billy here is a healthy 18yo male. He's an earnest, eager, able-bodied, smart, young fellow.

He's also in the year 2150. What in God's name do you do with a healthy 18yo to pay for a million dollar education? Dig ditches? Oh wait, we've had robot shovels for centuries. We have robot everything, bitch. Go suck dicks, Billy. Fortunately one of the 0.0000001%'ers who's a family member of one of the last three merged ultracorporations lives about 150 miles east of here. Unfortunately the end of the cocksucking applicant line is about 155 miles east.

Music? 160.
Art? 170. It takes like five minutes for one of you to give me a blowjob, while I only need like, two or three poets a day. Half the time I can't hear you from in the shower, but I pay you the hour anyway.

I'm just that generous. Trying to show 2150 how to be thoughtful, y'know?

Comment Re:What's the connection with geek culture and ani (Score 1) 114

I want to like pencil and paper d20, but whenever I see more than 30 seconds of it I just sit and think of things that could be automated.

I tried to read some of Lovecraft's writings but found it more dutiful than recreational.

I think steampunk is silly sometimes. I think furries are silly most times. I think dubstep is silly all times.

I wonder if it's best that the anime fandom stays stereotyped and ostracized, by the tireless efforts of the narutogaia tier. I don't want to see SAO on burger king cups. I don't want to see half-assed cash grabs. I don't want to see normals diluting the demographic and thus market efforts. Their demographic can have all the Kardashians they want, just keep them quarantined on your side of the internet. I'll try to keep Bebop on mine. Hidden from Corporate more than you.

Comment Re:Another One? (Score 1) 140

Breakthroughs aren't "real", they're anomalies in a reality of incremental scientific advancement.

Can't get clicks and eyeballs with that, so the headlines pretend EXCITING SHIT GOING DOWN YO.

Your subconscious probably figured it all out already and said don't bother, it's a wise cynic that knows how money works.

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