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Comment Re:Thinner (Score 4, Interesting) 318

It's not the consumers, it's the headlines. When a tech rag has 60 seconds to examine a maybe-functional prototype at an expo/con they're going to write about garbage. They're going to write about how firm and clicky the buttons are (with up/downspin vocuabulary, either is easy), they're going to write about what the texture of the back plate feels like, they're going to write about the physical appearance (!) of the camera module. They're going to fill a whole fucking paragraph about thinness, if they can.

Consumers inhabiting reality don't give a flying fuck. They want to know how well it handles scratching/dropping/bending. They want to know how long the battery handles the actual OS/software bloat in real-world conditions. They want to know if said bloat boots/runs stuff slowly, despite N specs. They want to know how it literally handles - how long takes a robotic hand on average to drop it, during randomized clutching gestures.

But none of that is in the RSS feeds. Only "7.93mm*!" or "Curved screen!" or "Thinnest bevel ever!"

Gee, no bevel. Anyone going to stick THAT in your jeans without a case? Anyone? Show of hands? Surely some of you can afford to be careless with devices racing to break $1000.

Comment Re:A deeply fragmented society, driven by emotions (Score 2) 220

They won't let it hit your feed.

At least the shouter makes your brain say "That's dumb." and maybe, just maybe, apply a brief moment of critical fucking thinking as your recall why - exactly why, objectively why, deductively why, using logic and reason and established data that leads to a conclusion- it's dumb. Even if it's only "Torture is bad, making humans suffer is wrong." you cement your morals.

Comment Re:Benjamin Franklin (Score 2) 394

It doesn't matter what specific advocation Franklin was calling; the arrangement of words is a succinct, useful one.

Useful to help others to realize, to help drop the scales from their eyes, to help them see that we are being told the bogeyterrorist will eat us if we don't go to bed on time.

It's not like it's a well-kept secret, they only need the inclination, the curiosity to turn their head and wonder about the man behind the curtain. Their exact deductions and conclusions don't mater; as long as they're (finally) applying basic critical thinking about overt motives and questioning who actually stands to benefit from claims and changes and circumstances, they'll be close enough.

Comment Re:Why would you want rounded corners? (Score 2) 155

Answer to both: Headlines

Pick a "new phone/flagship" review at random. The prelaunch kind, where they're at an expo/con and examine a unit.

Right-hand-to-God they will, without fail, waste your time babbling about how hard the buttons press and click, about how the "texture" feels, about the physical appearance of the camera . Naturally they're eager to fill at least one paragraph about the exact thinness, and will secrete various sexual fluids about a curved screen.

This is to be expected when you leave your decision-making about a device you'll have for two years (less if we can help it!) to a guy who is going to superficially examine it for two minutes.

On the other end of the spectrum are those who will look for videos of people dropping it, bending it, scratching it. Will look for actual performance benchmarks, clocking boot times and software (sorry, "apps") launching/running. Will find a third party's battery report.

I'm hoping they come out with a robot hand that performs random clutching and we put a phone's AHUD right next to thinness - Average Handling Until Drop.

Comment Re:Scams (Score 1) 117

TFA preemptively showers you with superfluous examples and you're still spouting apologist harder than a broken sphincter.

Wipe up that mess with this old fanboy rag: "The istore is screened, safer, and superior"

Once it's in the trash you're allowed to wear the "It's unavoidable" shirt.

Comment commentsubject (Score 1) 85

>The Home Office says Because Terrorism
Stopped reading there. Partly because my bullshit meter overflowed and needs to reboot.

Okay it's online again. It should be fine until someone pretends the golden DB will be safe from hackers. The previous exposure should insulate it when the next member of the Ministry of Truth says Because Thinkofthechildren or Because Illegaldrugs.

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