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Comment comment subject (Score 1) 457

Seems like a decent purchase to choose with the only 1-UP we get. Unless you put great stock into 50 years of making profits for someone more connected ("corps are people") then hopefully getting to wither in some retirement crate. Then, sure, spend it on that.

That said, I have doubts that the heroic efforts I just compared to are actually available. Obviously Musk is going to make Mars work (and funding) seem as plausible as he can.

Comment Re:Just use Youtube-dl (Score 1) 307

Honestly they don't give a flying fuck about what the tool does, only how many people use it and, more importantly, how much it smells like money.

Obscurity (specifically, access to more exotic (complex) tools) is pretty much a magicsilverbullet protection when the behaviors of commoners and Normals is being hounded.

DRM is meant for the masses, the surface dwellers of the internets.

Comment comment subject (Score 1) 227

I'm all for it.

If you make it zero-sum, bitches. I totally support the idea, but don't forget your field of crops deserve the same revenue however you slice it, unless you're really just fucking us over a barrel and spouting noisy principles over the sound of cash register bells.

They wouldn't dare. Sure, it costs a little more to carry the wave of Normals guzzling netflix and streaming all day, you have to buy some more hardware (POOR BABY) but they really shouldn't be rocking the boat when grandma looks at her email once a week and pays $60/mo to do it.

As if piping data wasn't a ridiculous margin already.

Comment Pool's closed (Score 1) 187

Honeymoon's over, free market at work.

Early Netflix, everyone was nodding their heads and saying "lol, sure, give us money and you can borrow our imaginary property" and cooing over li'l baby DVD kiosker. Now streaming is hype, Normals are streaming so hard it's the biggest bandwidth load on the tubes. Now the joke is "netflix and chill", and that's showing up in the contracts. Letting NF rent your imaginary property isn't some cute giggle anymore, it's a threat, if you do distribution yourself or use anyone else. The drafts and proposals are surely phrased a bit different now, they simply have to say "Well, metrics say you'll have X views/usage so it's reasonable we charge you Y.". So NF decided to use their war chest to back out and coast on homebrew.

Commonersumers are sidelined, merely the ore vein patch-of-land covered in battle-torn claim flags in the eternal tug-of-war we call capitalism. Free market "best options" are meaningless under monopoly, and imaginary property (looking at you, pharma) is a great way to lock things down.

Enjoy your 200 channel packages or dozen subscriptions, the honeymoon's over. "Mainstream" isn't just some hipster word, it determines the business world. And with that, I'm pretty sure everyone should find at least one thing in this post disagreeable.

Comment commentsubjectsaredumb (Score 1) 228

>There's pressure on me and the kids to perform at a higher level academically

Because more results gets more funding.

Which is just asking for shit. Begging for shit. ANY sort of automated yield is. People game the system if you chain them to one. Leaning on metrics is often a flawed equivalence right away, and if not it will be soon, by those affected.

Comment Re:And thus the Internet of Things collapses (Score 1) 211

Ha, oh man, 2 gets you a peasant's six-figure income. You know nothing of wealth. You see that you have more money than your immediate vicinity and grossly extrapolate.

Your sloth line is a joke. Rabble? Please. By definition you will only ever see a tiny number of people with elite skillsets. Every decade people are playing catch up and hyperspecializing into the flavor of the month and fighting over the shrinking number of musical chairs for the paycheck club.

And it's just worse at the bottom. I hope I don't live long enough to see the extinction of physical labor. It won't be pretty when Prolekistan has nothing to export. You do know what happens to countries with no exports, right?

Comment commentsubjectsaredumb (Score 1) 181

- Filters will never block adult content with 100% accuracy, especially if "it was very sexual" thoughtcrime counts.

- Image fetching extensions are little more than a search engine.

- Huge is a sexually-associated word to AI, don't argue with numbers.

I wouldn't be surprised if the fine print for the GIF extension says some "internet user experience may have varied content" boilerplate ala ESRB for online games.

Comment Re:What if? (Score 0) 94

A doubled diameter is probably significant. I'm no physicist, but I think if volume's the key value it's a cubed effect, squared if it's mass. Though framing it like that (if valid) is probably oversimplified.

Sister post suggests some likely relevant factors, but I think we're overlooking proximity to civilization, a fluke of Chelyabinsk is my understanding. Earth won't notice a 20-meter in the ocean.

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