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Comment Re: that's the entire point of facebook (Score 1) 81

Those top the list, easy to use. I'm fond of RequestPolicy, it's the same as NoScript from the user POV: Decide whether or not you want to render the page's attempts to fetch outside resources. Take back an inch of control over what your computer does without you.

I'm in the USA, we just passed a law encouraging ISPs to pimp us out to the highest bidder. Controlling opt-in pages isn't enough anymore, so I added TrackMeNot, a noise generator.

Comment Re:That's not good law (Score 1) 520

It's a bad law because it's literally leaning on "I said so."

The power is ultimately in the owner's hands. Consider: Even under torture, access is technically only granted when the owner says. And so, like warrant canaries, this power will simply rearrange itself until it's out of reach again, until untouchable by infantile laws that are comparable to a child shouting about a supershield that blocks anything.

Immediate example: The key distributes itself (perhaps via deadman) to a random, unknown recipient on a custom list, with instructions to not contact the owner until the "Unexpected Duress" has passed. You no longer HAVE the access, $5 wrench or not, thoughtcrime or not.

It might even work with some trade/state secrets. Deal with it, law enforcement. "Because I said so." is what you say when your power is justified only by its own circular existence.

Comment Re:Of course AI cannot determine this. (Score 1) 57

It really does traumatize workers, even in the high agencies.

Automation is fine, but not when it's equated with a verdict. It supplements. It does not substitute.

But hey, our military weapons make sure there's a human sanity check somewhere in the automation chain, so at least the important priorities are being supported.

Or so I'm told. inb4 drone autonuke mod gets hacked ggezpz

Comment Re: Not to worry. (Score 1) 125

>not even an offset worth mentioning
It's totally worth mentioning if you want to pretend there's hope. If you have an agenda. If you're being contradictory. If you're oblivious, naive, or have been told otherwise by someone's whose judgement you think is accurate/valued.

We won't need three billion robot repairmen. See you all in the terrafoam.

Comment Re:must be the other guy. (Score 1) 131

That's the idea. 2% of users fund 70% of IAP gross, or whatever it is. 80% spend absolutely zero. Asspull numbers, but the idea is in line. That's not the important part anyway.

What's important is you fly a technically-factual headline to inflate the idea that "$40/yr is normal" and encourage it to catch on.

Comment Re:Management doesn't know what it wants (Score 1) 158

We love making retarded assumptions. Most metrics are. We don't have time to actually deduce the value of a system or person or purchase, just give us a number thanks, preferably one that software can automatically rank and color code for me.

Imagine if "time spent in seat" was the single performance indicator used, everything else purely ignored. Imagine how hilariously gamed it would become. Imagine how much actual efficiency/productivity/results/w.e would be lost, not gained.

Now stop imagining because reality is only a few inches over.

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