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Comment Re:Really slashdot? (Score 0) 460

There's billions of iterations of one planet's core algorithm.

50 hours is huge. It's probably just a number he pulled out his ass, but at 50 hours you left uncertainty behind long ago.

I'm saying 50 hours of play, don't give me grief about download times or "I left it running". After 50 hours of "play" you know damn well what the "play" is, and you kept eating.

Comment commentsubjectsaredumb (Score 1) 304

Sure, blast them, blast the content they leaked, whatever, blast their "good" name, I don't particularly care if wikileaks burns.

But. What I'm seeing seeing is far too gasp-and-shock, far too cracked monocle, for shit that is OUT. It's out. Found. Busted. Whatever. Point is, it's going to get leaked somewhere. It's not like BAN WIKILEAKS! or whatever we're after here would do anything about that, before or after.

Don't we already have elegant ways to make this frequent incongruity plain? "Shutting down the bar doesn't stop drinking" or somesuch.

Comment commentsubjectsaredumb (Score 1) 194

T-mobile is thinking of the big picture, and shuffling their costs/revenue around to best respond to what the masses are doing massively.

Which is to say normals and casuals slurping streaming without a thought, bloating half the landline tubes and probably lots of the air. Then they get mediocre video quality anyway, and God-awful shows because no taste.

If it wasn't clear earlier, I can't blame providers for just reacting to the meta in their best interests. And I don't immediately blame plebs for acting as they please. But if the rest of us start to get dragged down as a result, that's different, I suddenly have a lot of incentive to start bashing streamers for what they're constantly doing on "my" internets.

Comment Re:Free Speech Must Be Stopped!!! (Score 2) 465

Sounds like an overjumped conclusion:
The types who claim "their words are taking away my freedom, so they must be muzzled" are likely to be, by co-incidence, those who identify as left. This suggests the argument that they aren't quite representing the left's tone precisely, for that act.

You're unlikely to meet many who advocate absolute free speech. For one, most acknowledge front violations, eg yelling fire in theaters is prohibited because endangering people is prohibited, preempting speech concerns. For another, most acknowledge that outright threats of violent acts or flagrant libel should be addressed in some capacity.

Those points still leave us a lot of gray spectrum between carte blanche and unquestioningly putting gags on every person./strike> "troll" disfavored by whoever's pulling the scene's levers. Who are often hounded, you might even say harassed, by our noble armchair crusaders.

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