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Comment Re:Correction (Score 1) 707

67 years is not long enough; this article assumes our current global political systems are permanent and stable, they are not.

At some point the world will face dwindling resources through either over population, global warming, running out of fossil fuels or some other such catastrophe, this cannot be avoided.

At that point all bets are off; think of it like tectonic plates; pressure builds if the areas around the plates are weak (Germany 1938) a quake will happen quickly, if they are not so strong the pressure will continue increasing and nothing you can do will prevent a bigger quake.

This does not just affect small states, over a long enough period under the right pressures, which could be caused by various factors, the good ol' USA would use it's nuclear arsenal.

Comment Re:Watch them (Score 1) 646

I haven't seen any of these things myself for years, it's called paying attention to what you are doing (clicking) and funnily enough my 2 eldest have not had any problems and the youngest isn't on line by himself.

You don't physically have to sit on top of the kids to stop them going on dodgy sites, you just have to educate and set levels of expectation, including the fact that Dad is just gonna walk in at any moment and look at what they're doing, or even scare the crap out of them with my 'mystical knowledge' of what web sites they've been on.

Submission + - Study Says Violent Games May Not Desensitize User ( 1

eldavojohn writes: By way of Game Politics, there is news of a new study done with 122 undergrad students that suggests that violent video games do not effect the player's long term emotional response to emotional stimuli. From the article, 'the study showed that VVG (violent video game) exposure was not associated with differences in players' emotional memory or their responses to negative stimuli. Their findings refute previous research that has shown the opposite: playing violent video games in lab settings cause people to exhibit more aggressive behavior, or become less emotionally responsive to violent images.' The 122 students were put in two groups — 45 participants who had some video game experience within the last six months and 77 students who reported no video game exposure. The students were shown a set of 150 images with positive, negative and neutral themes and then one hour later shown a new set of "distractor" images. The students were asked if they had seen the images before and then their emotional arousal was measured. The hypothesis was that the gamers would exhibit less of an ability to remember the disturbing images but the findings indicated no difference whatsoever between the gamers and non-gamers. Game Politics also offered up the citations from Carole Lieberman who sparked outrage from gamers last week by saying on Fox News: 'The increase in rapes can be attributed in large part to the playing out of [sexual] scenes in video games.'

Comment Re:Online Not a Replacement for Split-Screen (Score 3, Insightful) 362

No, but there are plenty of 35 year olds who have kids that want to play (Lego Star Wars etc sell well enough, and even up to Halo).

My eldest loves killing all the brutes while I'm still trying to figure out where they are... "It's OK Dad I'll let you kill the next one"

Also there are some wives/girlfriends who sometimes play.

Comment Re:If you don't already.... (Score 1) 551

There's the classic argument, "how can you not like the Beatles when every band in the world was influenced by them".

You don't have to like anything, you don't have to like Wagner, you don't have to like Mozart, but they had an influence.

Following your argument to it's logical conclusion nobody could dislike anything because in some weird 'degrees of Kevin Bacon' way it must have influenced something you do like.

Comment Re:Hmmm (Score 1) 602

In general I am the same, except I'm there when the kids are on the internet,

I don't need any filter other than my eyes and l33t g00gle sk1llz (... search solo and bookmark for them).

I've often wondered how you learn to trust web filters anyway, the only ones I've ever experienced have just always annoyed me.

Comment Re:Plot and script-writers (Score 5, Funny) 385

OK here's the plot for Doom:

Scene - Mars, night time, gloomy lab.

Sciencey type bods - Hey lets experiment with teleporters, what could possibly go wrong
Other random bod - Oh noes you've open a gatewya to HELL!!
Our Hero - OMFG Monsterz, where am my bulletzes


And they couldn't even get that right!

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