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Submission + - Microsoft Announces VP9 Support For Edge (

An anonymous reader writes: As noted by some a few days ago, Microsoft has started development on new multimedia container and codec support for Edge. Over on the Edge development blog, Microsoft has now officially announced that WebM and VP9 support is on the way for Edge. They write, "Today, we’re excited to announce that WebM/VP9 support is now in development in Microsoft Edge. VP9 is an open source codec that offers efficient compression to stream HD content at lower bitrates, and is well suited to UHD streaming. Initial support for VP9 will be available in Windows Insider Preview builds soon. This is part of our continuing effort to expand codec offerings in Windows. We continue to evaluate other formats and look forward to receiving feedback as we work on implementing them."

Submission + - Danish astronaut controls a robot on Earth from the International Space Station (

MarkWhittington writes: The European Space Agency made a breakthrough in teleoperation, AFP reported. Andreas Mogensen, Denmark’s first astronaut, remotely guided a robot on Earth using a joystick control system on the International Space Station. It was not the first time that a human operator was able to remotely control a device across the vastness of space. A flight controller tracked the liftoff of the Apollo 17 ascent module from the lunar surface by controlling a television camera from Mission Control. But the ISS experiment involved a touch feedback system that should revolutionize remote control robotics.

Submission + - GoPro's $15,000 Virtual Reality Camera Will Shoot 8K x 8K Spherical 3D Video (

An anonymous reader writes: GoPro today announced the final name and price of their made-for-VR camera rig. The 'Odyssey' is comprised of 16 GoPro Hero4 Black cameras which are synced together to function as one unit. The 16 individual views will rely on Google's 'Jump' video assembler to stitch together spherical 3D video. Jump will output up to 8K x 8K (over-under) video at 600 Mbit/s. The Odyssey package will start at $15,000, including the 16 cameras, sync hardware, mount, and more.

Submission + - New PCIe SSDs load games, apps as fast as old SATA drives

crookedvulture writes: Slashdot has covered a bunch of new PCI Express SSDs over the past month, and for good reason. The latest crop offers much higher sequential and random I/O rates than predecessors based on old-school Serial ATA interfaces. They're also compatible with new protocols, like NVM Express, which reduce overhead and improve scaling under demanding loads. As one might expect, these new PCIe drives destroy the competition in targeted benchmarks, hitting top speeds several times faster than even the best SATA SSDs can muster. The thing is, PCIe SSDs don't load games or common application data any faster than current incumbents—or even consumer-grade SSDs from five years ago. That's very different from the initial transition from mechanical to solid-state storage, where load times improved noticeably for just about everything. Servers and workstations can no doubt take advantage of the extra oomph that PCIe SSDs provide, but desktop users may struggle to find scenarios where PCIe SSDs offer palpable performance improvements over even budget-oriented SATA drives.

Comment Yes do that! (Score 1) 322

Yes lets do that, lets take RT & Windows Mobile, two of the there worst performing software OS and shove it in to there main OS just encase they where not having enough problems making it half decent already. General rule of thumb: something that dose everything is not good at anything. Something that dose one things is good at it because that's all it has to do.

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