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Comment Re:disinformation alert (Score 1) 121

This is very simple, and it's unfortunate that you're getting confused. You're wrong in implying that this solely a matter of politicians "acting" outraged, and you're wrong in implying that they wouldn't have anything to justifiably be mad about.. This is a matter of the public being justifiably outraged. What anyone can do about it is a concern of your own construction.

Comment Re:disinformation alert (Score 1) 121

Why would citizens be talking about granting political figures asylum when citizens don't have the power to grant asylum? Governments do, and many South American governments HAVE expressed the will to give him asylum.

You also talk about other countries' concerns in a manner, frankly, that makes you sound like an unlikeable prick.

How about when Britain and France cowtowed to the US in denying Bolivia's president a place to land, and then justified it with worries that Snowden was on board?

You're terribly careless at this, get the fuck out of here.

Comment Re:what the nsa has done IS akin to child abuse (Score 1) 121

"no one ever said daddy knows best"

Here is how you described the government in this scenario: the angry father yelling at the kid because he thought..

Even in this tenuous link, you portray the government in its spying as a potentially just actor. They're your words, so don't blame me-blame yourself, or god.

Comment what the nsa has done IS akin to child abuse (Score 1) 121

The trust of the public has been abused. Your "daddy knows best" undertones are bullshit, and everyone can tell. If it were moral, it wouldn't need to be private. If it were logical, these snowden threads wouldn't have to be full of paid shills like cold fjord and jeremiah cornelius.

Comment disinformation alert (Score 1) 121

Any time there is outrage in another country about NSA spying, goons here come out of the woodwork to say "those politicians are all talk!".. as if the politicians were the ones upset. No, it's the people of those countries who were wronged, and they are angry. Who cares about the fuxking politicians? That's a distraction.

Comment We did overthrow Brazil's government in the 60s (Score 1) 239

so I could see why they'd be wary of us. Also, their spying does not reach into our internet traffic--but the reverse certainly isn't true. This sort of information is always absent from Cold Fjord's servile presentation of his overlords, wherein the US government is always the victim, acting only in retaliation to the unjust actions of other countries. Time to get a new account or just post anonymously, cold fjord.

Comment Your "theory" needs to become unstuck from time. (Score 2) 775

Within a century (easily) we will be able to live mostly off of renewables for the purpose of transportation and energy. Any given time you google "Solar breakthrough", there will be a couple advancements within the last month that enables greater efficiency--

Hell, it could even be a paint--

Plastics without fossil fuels is also quite forseeable in the near future:
Also, "they would already be popular"? Really? Do you have any idea what goes into something being "popular"? Advertizing, buddy. Watch the docu Who Killed the Electric car for an example of how automakers can manipulate peoples' desires with advertizing, pressuring them towards vehicles that're more costly to maintain (internal combustion engines), and away from more economic choices that the government may force them to offer.

You also forgot to mention petroleum subsidies, which artificially lowers the market price of oil. All in all, your "theory" is very short-sighted.

Submission + - Are disinformation agents everywhere on the internet? (

FallenTabris writes: It should come as no surprise to any of us that both campaigns participating in this previous election utilized Twitter (and probably Facebook, too to create false consensus. But the real story doesn't stop at propagandizing for campaigns or parties--even military takes advantage of the the internet, as we learned last year when USA Today showed us how an on-the-ground pro-occupation propaganda contractor in Afghanistan, Leonie Industries, retaliated against the publication for exposing the fact that it "had failed to pay $4 million in federal taxes on time despite earning more than $200 million in contracts from the government... Shortly after USA TODAY made inquiries about the tax bills, fake Facebook and Twitter accounts, as well as phony fan club websites, were set up to disparage USA TODAY reporters. The co-owner of the company, Camille Chidiac, admitted to setting up some of the sites but said he did not use company resources in doing so. He had been suspended from receiving federal contracts because of the campaign, but the military lifted the suspension late last year." So, propaganda contractors for the Pentagon use social media to shape public opinion. Even here on Slashdot, are disinformation agents in our midst? Who hasn't experienced abuse of the moderation system here, which, by somewhat consolidating rating decisions to a group of relatively regular posters, allows high ratings (and great visibility!) for comments that are misleading and factually void?

Comment Who marked this garbage as informative? (Score 1) 456

Wrong, wrong, wrong. Iraq is less free than ever. The jailing of dissidents and journalists continues just as it did under Saddam.

You realize their university system is destroyed?

Core infrastructure is destroyed, and the west will be loathe to spend money on actually rebuilding it. Gender inequaity is worse than it was under Saddam.

As to the remark that they are "killing each other"--you realize no research was done beforehand into the sort of sectarian violence swapping the lead political religious sect would bring? You think that once peoples' livelihoods are destroyed, once they are threatened with starvation, any infighting afterwards is simple THEIR fault? See your home destroyed and then face starvation yourself--then see how you see how much you long to destroy yourself and your fellow man. This is akin to a white man watching slaves fighting and insisting their anger is merely towards each other.

You shouldn't post nonsense about Iraq when it's clear you've spent the last decade in a beltway media bubble (as has the fool you responded to).

Comment More oil drilled DOESN'T MEAN lower energy prices (Score 1) 61

Huge myth. Gas prices have to do with the number of refineries and their processing rates rather than how much oil we are drilling. Your entire argument's nonsense. We could open ANWR and still not see a dip in pricing. Blame crony capitalism before supply and demand.

Comment Who marked this garbage "insightful"? (Score 1) 61

How about a congressional inquiry into why BP continued spraying Corexit after the EPA told them to stop? If there were pelicans who'd touched corexit (let alone the toxic mix that results from corexit and oil combined), they'd probably be dead right now, so spare me the bullshit.

Comment "Most regulated"? Not really (Score 1) 61

Several waves of deregulation came about under the Bush administration. Drilling here in the US is more unbound than in europe, where features like a "dead man's switch" (google it) are actually required. The problem here was not regulation, it was pure malfeasance and a will to cover up the damage done no matter the cost.. the cost being the several hundred million dollar PR campaign BP ran afterwards to clean up its image. The way you present this information makes it seem like BP and the obama administration are in any opposition. To the contrary, this administration sheltered BP's excesses, even parroting BP's bogus initial spill estimates to the media.

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