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Comment Total Recall (Score 1) 176

"You're in a Johnny Cab" While I doubt the cabs envisioned in this plan will possess the enraged mind of a serial killer like in the movie, and by serial killer I'm referring to corrupt and otherwise mysterious government or non-government agencies, I'm not sure what advantage they're going to have over other forms of transportation. I think the cabs might be a good idea if they were servicing people who were going to many different destinations - why do we take real cabs? because we're not always going to the same place that the bus or train is going to. I think the real advantage of this system would be to allow users to access many destination points along a given track. But the shortness of this track, as well as the limited number of destinations, makes me wonder why someone thought that little pod-cars would be better than a train/monorail as others have suggested. The pod-cars are cool enough, but let's build a city around them, not just a single end-to-end terminal run!

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