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Submission + - Prominent Drupal and PHP dev kicked from the Drupal project over Gor beliefs ( 1

An anonymous reader writes: Last week the Drupal community erupted in anger after its leader, Dries Buytaert, asked Larry Garfield, a prominent Drupal contributor and long-time member of the Drupal and PHP communities, “to leave the Drupal project.” Buytaert claims he did this "because it came to my attention that he holds views that are in opposition with the values of the Drupal project.". A huge furor has erupted in response — not least because the reason clearly has much to do with Garfield’s unconventional sex life. Buytaert made his post in response after Larry went public, outing himself to public opinion.

Comment Drupal core is not affected (Score 3, Informative) 104

If you are using Drupal, please read this PSA:

Most sites needing extended mailing functionality probably use the SMTP contrib module, fortunately they too are not affected by this.

However, if you are one of the 11,000 (or so) sites reported to be using phpmailer module (and the associated library), you should make sure the library is updated. You can see if you're vulnerable by looking in the sites/all/libraries or sites/default/libraries folders to see if you're using the phpmailer 3rd party library.

Comment Not an issue. (Score 4, Insightful) 55

One of the core reasons why this issue hasn't really been prioritized is because you really shouldn't be live updating your site. Not just Drupal, but I'd argue the same for Wordpress, Joomla, whatever -- its a bad practice. Why?

Websites are very different from desktop or other normal applications. Most of these apps are tuned to your specific needs, and updates can cause issues. Serious Drupal shops and clients -never- live update their sites. Best practices suggest local or dev updates, which is then tracked by git. Site deployments should go through manual testing at a minimum. Many Drupal hosts don't even allow write access to htdocs -- only the files directory.

For those who aren't involved in the ecosystem, this article can seem alarming. But as someone who works with Drupal, and its large clients, this is a non-issue. This issue was vetted by the security team, whom are pretty risk adverse; even they didn't believe this met the criteria to be a security issue.

Should the Drupal update process be improved? Certainly. Is it a 'sky is falling Drupal sites are going to get hijacked?' nope. And for those who DO live update their drupal site, not maintain a git repo for their code, etc, etc.. Good luck. Like an default Linux install (also known to not be secure), Drupal cannot full-proof poor administrator practices.

Comment Re:The car is great to drive, but... (Score 2, Interesting) 222

But in the Chevy Volt, for the 2nd gen (2016), the knobs and buttons have made a comeback. The space-age tactile feedback flat buttons were pretty well shunned by the community. And for good reason, they were clunky, and not usable in cold months with gloves on. I've owned the car for 3 years and for even simple buttons like seek takes an extra few seconds compared to other vehicles.

Comment Re:When will their price be on par with ICE cars? (Score 1) 107

Except have you looked at the price of slightly used Volts? You can get a 2012 or 2013 between $16,000 and $21,000 with under 20k miles!

New ones have an MSRP of $35, but most are actually leaving the lots at 30k. Add a $7500 rebate, and you're talking low-mid 20s new.

And a volt is not really comparable to the cruze it was built from. I own a Volt, and drove a Cruze for 2 weeks as a rental. Its sluggish, loud, unrefined, everything you'd expect from a $15,000 new car. The volt on the otherhand is quite zippy, advanced, quite, comfortable, etc.

The topping on the cake is the fact that in the NW you'll pay only $30/mo in electricity, assuming you recharge fully every night. Since I don't drive every day, its closer to $12-18/mo on 120v.

Comment As a Volt owner... (Score 0) 196

I'm pretty annoyed at people trying to compare the ELR or the Volt to a Tesla, or Leaf, or any other pure electric. The biggest reason why I wouldn't buy a Tesla is because total electrics are still impractical. If you look on the Tesla website, you'll see that I'm basically limited to a 300mile radius to where I live. This is because at 300 miles, it'll take 4:43 to charge my 85kw battery with the supercharger. Bump that down to a 240v outlet, and its a 9:26 charge. And thats after spending nearly 95k for the car, because the 70k version only goes about 200miles. There are some tricks to get 80% 'fairly quick', but you're still adding hours onto each segment of a roadtrip.

Which is where the volt comes in. For -most- people, they only need 30-50miles a day in their car. BUT, if you want to take a road-trip just 5 hours away, you're going to want a way to get there without spending 4 hours charging. And at $299/mo lease, its cost isn't much different than some nicer compacts of its class, and for everyday driving you spend nothing on fuel.

I'm -my- use case, and driving style (where I go) -- I think given the choice of a Tesla or ELR, I probably would go with the ELR. At least then I wouldn't have to buy another car so I could goto the beach, out camping where there is no power, or any of the other places the 'supercharger' grid hasn't made it yet. But in reality, the volt is nice on its own, I don't have any desire to pay another 35k to have a neat badge and a blocky-looking car. Don't get me wrong, I think the Tesla is a nice car, but without the gas generator, its a non-starter for me. Now put a little Diesel TDI generator in there, and I'd buy a Tesla in a heartbeat!

Comment Re:No. (Score 1) 466

Huh? The volt is directly connected via two electric motors, one on each front wheel. The engine has no direct connection to the wheels, only to the motors. When the battery runs below a certain threshold (out of electricity but not really), the gas engine pops on. Whenever the generator pushes the batteries back over the threshold, it turns off. This happens when you roll to a stop, go down a steep hill, etc. But the gas engine will come on whenever its below that threshold, even if you're going 10mph (if you're going up hill)

A new feature in 2013 is the hold button, so you can hold the battery at a certain level by turning on the engine. This is really useful when you want to go distances and save your battery power for less efficient times (like going slow through town)

Source - Volt owners manual, also I'm a owner of a volt. Best car ever owned (leased).

Submission + - Drupalcon attendees come together to build in 24 hours (

Falc0n writes: Many of us don't have to look too far back to recall the impact of a natural disaster: Sandy, Chelyabinsk, Lushan, and now Oklahoma. When they occur there is typically no shortage of assistance available, but coordination is always a major challenge. In a very open source way, about 60 open source developers, designers, and sys admins came together to build a scalable tool to help those affected by the tornado. If you're interested in helping the effort, join us in #drupal4ok

Comment Re:How did this moronic submission make it here? (Score 1) 466

The point of Earth Hour is public awareness, to get people talking, thinking, discussing solutions.

But it doesn't even do that! At best, a few 'regular people' -might- think about the environment for a few days (or hours), akin to the hype around St. Patty's day this year. But come the day after, those people will forget all about it. And at worst, it just gives environmentalists more to be smug about, sniffing their own asses thinking they are making a difference, when in fact they aren't. We're on hydro-electric here. Our CO2 doesn't change a lick if we turn out our lights in the PNW.

No, Earth Hour is simply a fundraising opportunity for the WWF and other environmental organizations. Its mainly about money, and has little to do about making real change. Similar to politicians and political parties, environmental organizations need to look like they're fixing problems, otherwise they won't make money, or a living. I'd go as far as to say many environmental organizations are also anti-technology (nuclear, GMOs, etc), shooting themselves in the environmental foot they want to fix.

Comment I had an LG screen, replaced with Samsung (Score 5, Informative) 195

As soon as I received my MBPr I started testing to see if it had ghosting issues and if it was an LG screen. Sure enough, both were true. I returned it, and referenced the specific part number 661-7171 (that was the samsung screen) to replace it with. My local apple rep obliged and I had a nice new Samsung screen. Re-ran the stress test and it cleared.

That was 6 months ago, haven't seen a ghosting issue since.

Comment Re:Fuck those greedy bastards. (Score 1) 510

Definition of Motor vehicle (Per TFA): “Motor vehicle”, any motor driven vehicle or house trailer required to be registered under chapter 90 regardless of curb weight or required to be registered under sections 20 to 35, inclusive, of chapter 90B having a curb weight of not more than 1,000 pounds, or a truck camper. Sure sounds like Tesla falls under that model to me!

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