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Comment Re:Good for them (Score 1) 1592

What on Earth are you talking about? A decade long recession? I certainly haven't noticed any. Re-joining the common market? Norway has been a member of EFTA since 1960. There has been no re-joining of anything here. Get your facts straight. And what ignorants modded the parent up? And "Insightful"? Seriously now.

Comment Re:Lots (of HP calculators) (Score 1) 332

Ouch, that hurt. An HP-32E is one of 5 calculators missing from my collection. But I do have 4 New In Box HP-33Cs and one NIB HP-34C :-) I used to have the HPP-37E with the lowest known serial number - until my collection of 90 calculators was burned to the ground in 2008. Luckily my collection was featured on Norwegian national TV with a follow-up only a few months later where I was standing in the ruins of that office building being interviewed. That sparked the start of my second collection. Only that HP-41 survived the fire (it served as my alarm clock at home),

Comment Lots (of HP calculators) (Score 1) 332

Being an active collector and avid user of old HP calculators, I can beat that 18 year mark with ease and comfort. My HP-41 from 1983 is in almost daily use. My HP-27 from 1976 is still going strong just like an HP-9815 from the same year and my HP-67 from '77. My HP-35 from 1972 is working just fine. As are some 70+ other old HP calcs.

Comment On my 17th year running Linux as desktop OS (Score 1) 349

I installed Linux in 1999 and never looked back. Ok, I've tried various BSDs, but always came back to Linux. Been through a dozen distros, settled on Ubuntu. I am not a developer (just some hobby-dev'ing) or a sysadmin. Linux does the job perfectly for me - I have been running various businesses, have lots of clients (99% running Windows) - and I close to never experience any issues - on the desktop or with compatibilities. Running i3-wm (no KDE/GTK desktop), qutebrowser, LibreOffice when I have to, mutt, weechat... and write just about everything in VIM. I am jolly happy. Linux gives me exactly what I want.

Comment 14 years and running (Score 1) 1215

Switched from Windows to Linux in 1999. Never looked back. Have been running several companies since then, cooperating happily with scores of customers in many areas. Never any real issues with file formats or the like. Run as many programs on the command line or in (n)curses as I can. Extremely efficient setup - I am stuck with Linux due to efficiency.

Comment Oh no! (Score 2) 69

"Who needs textarea any more?" I do. I am writing this comment in VIM using the "I's All Text" extension for Firefox. I use my tool of choice (VIM) for almost everything I write, and I am not overjoyed with "solutions" trying to enforce other tools and behavior than the ones that help me the most. Freedom of choice is, at lest for me, very valuable.

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