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Comment Re:The geek in overdrive (Score 1) 243

Most lawsuits against people without serious money don't have a few million in potential damages at stake. Or an army of lawyers backing the plaintiff, with the accompanying promise that even if grandma is innocent the case is going to be dragged out until she's bankrupt. Or the "generous" immediate settlement offer of "only" ten thousand or so. And the justifications tend to pass the laugh test. And I suspect most people would stop at suing one helpless target.

In short, most lawsuits aren't naked extortion on a massive scale. These are.

(Disclaimer: I neither download nor buy, although I find the idea of piracy far more moral than the idea of giving these scumbags a single penny.)

Comment Re:Hahaha, good one. (Score 1) 1124

Bullshit. I've seen a lot of people who thought America was losing, saw the amount of damage its presence was causing Iraq, and wanted to pull out and cut losses all round. I haven't seen anyone this side of a straw man who actually wanted Iraq to be a clusterfuck and hundreds of thousands to die just to discredit Bush. This guy, on the other hand, wants a complete economic collapse - which, at the end of the day, would probably have a similar death toll - just to discredit Obama.

Comment Re:Some basic rules to follow. (Score 1) 281

On the other hand, as someone who neither downloads nor buys, I'd say it's more moral to pirate than give those thieving bastards a single cent. So while a total boycott is the ideal solution (if only to deny them their nice shiny piracy statistics as a justification for lost sales), if people are going to give in and get the music then I'd rather they... well, not buy it!

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