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Comment Re: Arrest him and throw him into Gitmo (Score 1) 627

For your scenario to play out, either the NASA network allows devices to connect without the use of a VPN, or this guy's VPN client does not require him to manually authenticate each time. That's a much bigger story than border guards haras citizen due to non-waspy name.

Comment Re:New Slavery (Score 1) 51

> SCOTUS made the correct decision in this case.

SCOTUS tends to avoid intervening until there are multiple appellate courts with contradictory decisions, creating regional interpretation of laws.
The SCOTUS hears a case to clean up the mess.

So until there are a couple of decisions that are different from the first one, the appellate decision stands as precedent.

Comment Re:Question for fans (Score 1) 53

Aside form simple production costs. The now popular show is goign to have to spend more $$$ to acquire the all the correct rights to the source material.

You'll note that RiffTrax continued the tradition by creating a track that you play along with source material that you have to acquire separately. This allowed them to riff on some very big, very expensive properties, without having to try to worry about performance and distribution rights.

Comment Re:Harry Shearer wanted more money (Score 1) 100

Harry's beef with the ACE - at least according to his movie, "The Big Uneasy" - is that they aren't engineers any more, just project managers, it's about how badly they fucked up the New Orleans pumping system, and how they're politically untouchable.

I think his show is listenable sometimes, but does get unlistenable and unfunny at times too.

Comment Re:Conform or be expelled (Score 1) 320

One is seldom given access to HOA bylaws and other deed restrictions until closing, at which point the buyer stands to lose their earnest money.

In some places earnest money is a token couple hundred dollars (we put 500 down in earnest on our current home), and the real estate agent produces a boilerplate contract to which you'll add your own clauses such as "acceptable inspection results". On my last home, I added "acceptable HOA rules and deed restrictions," and made the seller's agent produce them. She wasn't happy; it was an irregular request; but she understood that once agreed to, if they produced them at closing, I was going to spend my time reading them, and be withing my rights to walk away if they were disagreeable.
I wanted to be sure the HOA didn't have any super nutty rules. They didn't - we bought the house.

  But in other places where real estate is a bit more competitive (e.g. Westchester County, NY), your earnest deposit might be the 20% that will become your down payment. In those places one hires a real estate lawyer to handle the transaction details. I was pleased with the service mine provided for a mere $600.

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