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Comment Re:Bias (Score 1) 1013

You don't understand, when conservatives talk about personal responsibility, they are talking about other people.

No, when personal responsibility is talked about, it is about EVERYBODY taking responsibility. Just because you see the "conservative" politicians trying to weasel their way out of a situation, does not apply to what everybody else is talking about.

If the gun blows up because of a manufacturing defect, then there is a case to be had to sue the manufacturer if they did not take care of the problem. However, somebody taking a gun and shooting 20 children is not the responsibility of the manufacturer.

Comment Re:Bias (Score 1) 1013

What we already do for cars today goes well beyond any gun control measures that are even being considered. Which is odd.

Really? Where is the DEMAND that no car exceed "x" MPH? Where are the calls that nobody needs a car that can go 200 MPH? I am of the belief that gun control is hitting your target. Being a SAFE owner I know how to handle my firearms, and when I let somebody handle my firearms I make sure they do the same things I do to make sure it is safe. You cannot legislate away stupidity, see here. Back to the article, I find it absolutely amazing that he compares using the CPSC to sue manufacturers of a non-defective product. Hell given the CPSC's ability to keep lead paint out of toys.

Comment Re:Bias (Score 2) 1013

If auto makers and owners bore the cost of the resulting mayhem, market forces could be unleashed to work their magic and arbitrary government mandates like loaded round indicators would be unnecessary because vested interests would have a financial incentive to solve the problem. Right?

Made a slight change. The last year I have seen records for, automobile fatalities excluding pedestrians were a bit more than 4 times the number of firearms fatalities. Why has there been no national debate on how to make them more idiot proof?

Comment Re:Verizon is in Apple's Best Interest! (Re: Apple (Score 1) 237

That's because of hardware, and has nothing to do with AT&T. The iPhone sounds absolutely fantastic. When it works.

I've just got one issue with the iPhone. Yesterday it decided to fill up 1/2 of it's memory with "other". Nobody could tell me what it was. I head to the local Apple store and there I get a unpleasant surprise. I was told that the water submersion sensors were tripped and that they couldn't help me anymore. I'd like to know how a water sensor trips when it doesn't get wet.

Comment Re:"Allowing Criminals" (Score 1) 230

I work for a company that makes HGS systems for commercial aircraft. One of the reason most pilots love this system is that it makes the landings much easier. Speaking as a pilot, I was always more concerned with the landing bit then taking off and flying bit. Things tend to jump out of nowhere on you during approach.

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