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Comment Re:whuh? (Score 1) 126

I've asked myself this many times. As a storage analyst, everyone always uses "the cloud" as a buzz word to excite their managers into spending money. In the end it's still business as usual. disk backend, FC switched SAN. Sure it may be on demand, but when does on demand end? When I upload 14TB of documents?

Comment Re:Fear mongering 101 (Score 1) 426

Considering they basically refuse to fail kids these days, they have completely devalued the high school diploma down to nothing. It might as well count for graduating kindergarten. You can't get a job without spending thousands (usually tens of thousands) on post-secondary. Then the high school graduate with a 52% average bitches they can't get a job and get the jobs that hard working, educated and driven young people should have. and by job, I don't mean flipping burgers. I mean actual good jobs. I have no faith for the future of humanity. The average person is a total fucking idiot. No wonder our countries are going broke with social care.

Comment They are good in their own world... (Score 1) 645

Linux has no reason to try to compete. Windows will always dominate the enterprise market due the group policy and other ways of locking the idiots out. Linux is great for home use for people who want to use it. The downside to HP/Dell etc. selling Linux distros on their laptops/desktops (if they still are) is when the customer takes it to said store for support, chances are the tech will not know anything. I'm just assuming this since the techs know nothing about Windows either, which pegs their skill level between a mould covered brick and a noob that thinks they are a power user. There are things however that Windows OS absolutely fails at. A good example is Server Fileshare clusters. FAIL FAIL FAIL.

Comment Data purge? Impossible! (Score 3, Insightful) 200

Anyone know knows how an enterprise backup system works knows that this is nearly impossible. You'd have to know their backup practices to really know the extent of data retention but for a company that size, I offer the following example: Since their (your) data is worth big $$$, they probably run nightly incremental, weekly backups (maybe), monthly backups, and finally yearly backups. Given DR concerns the might have global mirrors and off-site tapes (definitely one of the two). So all in all, one picture you post could represent literally dozens of instances. Purging all this data out would be impossible at an extremely massive burden to the company.

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