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Comment Re: Rpi - not all that (Score 0) 51

I spent my money - but wish I'd researched first. The following from LKML Greg K-H says it all.... On Fri, Jan 11, 2013 at 04:10:30PM +0200, Ozan ÃaÄYlayan wrote: > > Ah, my sympathies, USB on a rpi is horrible, and you will have all sorts > > of nasty issues, no matter how you end up doing this (in the kernel or > > userspace). > > What kind of issues? Currently I can read from the device without > problem. But, I had very weird problems with 2 uvc cameras, you're > right. High cpu usage is one problem, and low overall USB bandwidth is another, combined with slow response times. The hardware really is bad for USB, and the driver is a whole other beast, something that no one in the community can, or will, touch at all. > > Test it out and see. I really don't think that user vs. kernel space is > > going to be the issue here, I think you are going to see some very real > > problems with the hardware itself in this area. > > > > Best of luck, > > Well If I were you I would probably write that simple driver in a few > hours but seen that I am not you, I wanted to learn will the effort > worth the result :) It all depends on what you want to do, but I really think that user vs. kernelspace is not going to be the real problem here. Start with libusb and if you find that you are having problems, use 'perf' to see if the kernel part is really the problem. I think you will find all of your time is going to be spent in the USB hardware itself, and the USB driver, once you get the data out of that, user vs. kernel is not going to be noticable at all. Best of luck, and I bet you, in the end, you pick a better hardware platform for your project (hint, go buy a Beaglebone, it actually works and the tiny increase in cost more than makes up for the time you will waste fighting the RPI hardware.) greg k-h --

Comment Re: They still don't know the cause... (Score 1) 123

Boeing are becoming "expert" in assembling aircraft components. But like many, many companies they are suffering from a severe lack of quality engineers to innovate and drive the company forwards in engineering. And as the baby-boomers continue to retire it is getting progressively worse. The up-and-coming "stars" with their shinny new degrees just can not cut it...

Comment You're all missing the significance of TFA (Score 1) 1497

The point is that "the UK government has stated there is no place in the science curriculum for Intelligent Design and that it can not be taught as science." Finally, this government has pulled its head out of its own politically correct asshole, spoken the thoughts of the vast majority of the people that democraticslly elected them to power and stopped pandering to the small-minded lobby groups. Still, it's all too little, too late. I can't wait until they loose the next election...

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