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Submission + - Poll: My camera is... 1

FLoWCTRL writes:
  • * a mobile phone
  • * a point-and-shoot
  • * a DSLR
  • * uses film, and you shovel coal into it
  • * I don't own a camera

Funeral Being Held Today For IE6 194

An anonymous reader writes "More than 100 people, many of them dressed in black, are expected to gather around a coffin Thursday to say goodbye to an old friend. The deceased? Internet Explorer 6. The aging Web browser, survived by its descendants Internet Explorer 7 and Internet Explorer 8, is being eulogized at a tongue-in-cheek 'funeral' hosted by Aten Design Group, a design firm in Denver, Colorado."
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Submission + - Twitter is Offline

FLoWCTRL writes: Twitter is offline this morning. Breath, relax, try not to twitch and shake so much. Perhaps visit whentwitterisdown.com. Whatever you do, stop sobbing, it's pathetic. Does anyone out there (hello, Twitter Sysadmins) have any clues as to what happened?

Comment Develop custom software (Score 1) 149

Dynedain's "Contribute How?" post hit the mark, and I have no idea what it is you're really asking. However, having worked in university IT for about a decade I can offer some advice that can be applied broadly: you have an amazing resource at your disposal - smart people - and you should exploit that by developing software to suit your needs.

A lot of universities spend millions on proprietary software like PeopleSoft when they could get much better value and results by hiring competent programmers, work-studies, grad students, postdocs, etc, in-house to create software that does exactly what your institution needs it to do. Your custom software will do whatever needs to be done, it will be infinitely flexible because you have complete control over what it does and how it does it, you will not be at the mercy of any external vendor for support, and the ongoing licensing costs will be $0.


Submission + - Your Personal Robot

FLoWCTRL writes: My personal robot will mainly be used for:
  1. Housekeeping / chores
  2. Running errands
  3. Research assistant
  4. Representing me in public
  5. Sexual gratification
  6. Visiting evil upon my enemies
  7. I'll never have a personal robot
  8. The robot will be using me

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